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The Electronic Manufacturing Services market is defined by a demand for innovative ideas, quality products and short lead times.

EMS companies need an ERP solution that can handle a complex supply chain, products with different customer characteristics and advanced life cycle management. RamBase for Electronic Manufacturing Services gives you the overview and control you need to deliver quality products with cost effective processes.

RamBase ERP software fits for Electronic Manufacturing Services companies because the system was initially built for the electronic segment. Therefore, as well as delivering standard applications relevant for all manufacturing industries, RamBase ERP also incorporates industry critical features for your electronic manufacturing needs. Take a closer look at one of the features in RamBase that are specifically relevant for your complex business environment.


Life Cycle Management

Overview of all phases of your product life cycle from initial idea through development, manufacturing, delivery, and products end of life

Quality Assurance

Quality functionality at every level of the production enable you to deliver high-standard products to highly satisfied customers.

Supply Chain Management

Get control of a complex, global supply chain with full traceability at every level. Seamlessly synergize with suppliers and purchasing., creating simplified resource planning


Track materials throughout the product lifecycle to ensure your product is safe to use. Potential defective goods are rapidly identified with material control at item level

5 reasons why RamBase is a match for Electronic Manufacturing Services.

5 reasons why RamBase is a match for Electronic Manufacturing Services

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