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Experience often shows that some products are better than others, even though they are similar on paper. Sometimes you have big customers that requires you to use a product from one specific manufacturer. Other times you cannot get a hold of one product and need to know which similar products is acceptable to use instead.

With numerous products in your production range and several manufacturers for each product, it can be a challenge to know which manufacturer is preferred to use. Often this knowledge lies with your employees or hidden in a customer contract. In RamBase this is easily handled by incorporating Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) for your products. Using MPN you can easily decide your preferred manufacturer for your product and list all other relevant substitutes. RamBase lets your employees incorporate key information about the product into the system. When it is time to purchase a product, the system will automatically know your preferred manufacturer. At each step of the procurement process you can easily change the manufacturer since everything in RamBase connects.

Key capabilities

  • Include manufactures unique product name/number for traceability.
  • Store employee’s product knowledge into the system for future utilization.
  • Incorporated big customers product requirements into your system.
  • Set default and preferred manufacturers for products.
  • Choose different MPN’s on purchase quote request, purchase quote, purchase order, purchase order response and goods reception.
«Identify and select manufacturer for each product in RamBase for optimal traceability and control.»

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