Manufacturing ERP

RamBase has been developed in close cooperation with leading manufacturing companies. This is why we can say that we know you, and we know your business.

We also know that things change rapidly in the days of IoT and artificial intelligence. With RamBase, you’ll have the foundation you need to expand – at your own pace.

Benefits of Rambase in Manufacturing ERP

Correct Documentation

Documents, certificates, drawings and measurements can be attached at all stages of the workflow – efficient and correct creation of documentation packages for your products.

Integrated Sales

Configuration, calculation, quotes, and negotiations are all tied together in a tailor made sales process centered around the configurable BOM. Never miss sight of which version of the quote you agreed to put into production.

Life Cycle Management

Overview of all phases of your product life cycle from initial idea through development, manufacturing, delivery, and products end of life

Quality Assurance

Quality functionality at every level of the production enable you to deliver high-standard products to highly satisfied customers.


Track materials throughout the product lifecycle to ensure your product is safe to use. Potential defective goods are rapidly identified with material control at item level

Version & Revision Handling

Version and revision handling with complete changelog gives you complete control of the engineering process.

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