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RamBase Cloud ERP Accounting Module

Integrated finance accounting for streamlined operations.

RamBase Cloud ERP holds all your finance data, giving you full control of landed cost, and replacing many of your current stand-alone systems. Gross margin is calculated in real-time, as financial transactions are posted after each operation in sales and production, and not as a final, separate job.

All transactions can be traced from a general ledger posting down to the specific customer order, or the other way around. An advanced interface between transactions and the ledger will provide you with a box of reconciliation and quality tools which makes it possible to do a traceable and high-quality fiscal year closing on a month by month basis. A special characteristic with RamBase finance is the extensive use of sub-ledgers which gives you a very detailed overview of your balance accounts.

And, if your company consists of multiple entities, you’ll see the benefits of our intercompany trade functionalities. In RamBase, ledger postings from within the group are automatically registered with an internal trade dimension. This makes it possible to consolidate or summarize reports on a group level.



Key capabilities

  • Multicurrency transactions
  • General ledger
  • Inventory
  • Assets management
  • Receivables/payables
  • Budgeting
  • Tax and VAT handling
  • Intercompany trade

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