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RamBase Cloud ERP Integration

An essential part of an effective ERP system is the potential to have direct contact with your suppliers and customers in real time.

RamBase is not only an ERP-system, it is also a platform. We provide you with a development platform to customize, adapt and extend the ERP system to perfectly fit your business. Therefore, nearly all external systems, websites, machines and units with an internet connection can be connected and integrated to the RamBase Cloud ERP system.

This seamless integration is made possible through our API’s. The API technology is the connection between your integration ERP system and the rest for the world – allowing true digitalization of your business. Read more about API and Platform technology  at and for the tech-savvy: all off our API’s are available at



Key capabilities

  • Real supply chain visibility
  • API development portal
  • RESTful API
  • RamBase application platform
  • Web hooks
  • Add-ons and connectors to third party systems and services
  • Mobile apps
  • Create new apps

It suits us very well that it’s compatible with our operating system, Timpex. The fact that Timpex and RamBase are integrated means we don’t have to do a lot of manual punching.


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