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The follow-up of the receivables ledger is one of the most important financial processes, and RamBase Invoicing ERP gives you the overview you need to make it efficiently and proactively.

Resend invoices, send account statements, payment reminders and calculate interest with RamBase Invoicing ERP.

Accounts receivable provides an overview of all transactions between your own company and each customer and is used to keep track of the settlement of open and closed entries in the general ledger.

If your company consists of multiple entities, you’ll see the benefits of our intercompany trade functionalities, allowing you to create internal invoices, register and reconcile intercompany invoices.

Key capabilities

  • An updated overview of what the customers owe you
  • An overview of receivables by date
  • Actions for settlement of claims
  • Sales invoicing
  • Payments in advance
  • Advance invoice plans
  • Credit handling
  • Multicurrency transactions
  • Register and reconcile intercompany invoices.

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