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RamBase Cloud ERP Purchasing is an efficient process to handle procurements on a centralized level in the organisation.

All supplier procurements and correspondence are available throughout the delivery process, from initial order to delivered product. As a result it is giving you solid supplier relationship management. The opportunity of quoting against suppliers gives you the best product at the best price. In case you have rebate or kick-back (claiming) against some of your suppliers, this is also supported by RamBase Cloud ERP Purchasing.

Procurement is all about having sufficient stock coverage, while at the same time keeping inventory levels and costs as low as possible. As procurement needs are automatically generated from different departments, your purchasing ERP manager will always be in control of actual needs. In return it will reduce your inventory levels.

Key capabilities

  • Supplier relationship management (SRM).
  • Automated generation of purchasing needs from different departments.
  • Quoting against suppliers to get the best prices available.
  • Purchasing on order or ‘bulk’ level.
  • Backlog management with change management capabilities.
  • Advanced rebate and kick-back handling against suppliers (claiming)

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