The success to a good hit rate in your sales organization depends on the actual quality of your leads. Gain control of the real value of your offers by having full control of all registered opportunities, the value of your total pipe, your hit rate and your lead quality.

An intuitive CRM dashboard allows you to focus on the right opportunities at the right time, increasing your and your team’s lead conversion and win ratio.

After all, a good customer relationship starts with the sales process. High quality management of leads and opportunities also demonstrates that your company can be trusted to deliver as expected. RamBase Cloud ERP CRM offers support to your complete salespipe which stretches from working with ‘cold’ opportunities to following up your backlog and deliveries with a very high level of control.

RamBase Cloud ERP CRM covers everything you expect of a modern CRM system, allowing you to keep track of all existing customers as well as leads and opportunities. The latter are controlled in an intuitive dashboard – read more on Sales.

All information on an existing customer is kept on a customer card, where you’ll have full overview of contact persons, shipping addresses, and direct access to financial data. Customer dialogue is made even easier through an Office plug-in, allowing e-mails to be saved as a correspondance directly on your customer card. ​

Increase win ratio​ by staying on top of opportunities​, and increase sales productivity​ by sharing information to everyone in your sales force​.

Being fully connected to the ERP system without costly integrations and licenses to a third party CRM​ system will save you cost – and of course, it’s all GDPR proofed!  

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