Document Management

A solid and precise document management is in many businesses an essential part of the total delivery.

Gaining control of the documentation can be overwhelming. That’s the reason why RamBase provides substantial document management ERP functionalities, completely integrated with all processes in RamBase.

With RamBase I can find all the documentation I need in two minutes

Jørn Arve Årdal, founder and manager of Årdal Maskinering


All documents from customer orders to quality documentation and certificates can be attached during all processes – sales, purchasing, manufacturing, quality, delivery process – giving you a complete and correct documentation package with full version and revision control. Simply select the relevant documentation material upon delivery and be assured that you always send the correct and most recent documentation to your customer.

All documents are available from the RamBase File Manager and can be linked to several processes or folders. Other documents as workflow documents, HR documents, etc can also be uploaded to the file manager and be easily accessed through a traditional file structure. Documents are, as all RamBase data, securely stored and protected on a private cloud server in our EMP shielded mountain hall.

I love how RamBase handles documentation; Even the minor parts are accounted for and you can easily provide the customer with these documents. Before we spent a lot of time gathering these documents and now it is basically automatic and sent to the customer right away. That is one of the many reasons our company likes RamBase.

Per Kverneland, managing director of VVS Prefab


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