Ensuring that all quality procedures are held, and being able to document this, is essential for many companies.

In many cases, it’s a matter of sustaining certifications. Quality is therefore an essential and integrated part of RamBase Cloud ERP. All quality management reports can be traced directly to the place in the work flow that a deviation has taken place, giving you the quality control you need. This also means that quality is tracked throughout your supply chain, enabling you to take immediate and correct actions at the right place to sustain your quality goals.

All deviation handling processes can be customized to your organization – it’s all built for making sure you reduce the risk of human error, sustain your certification, and prevent occurrence of unwanted events.

Key Capabilities

We often have customer audits at our factory, and we always show them how RamBase works so they know how we keep control of the schedule, process and quality of our production. Every little detail can be checked, and that’s, of course, something that has high value to them because they can truly put their trust in our work and get a full overview of what we do.

Frode Hegle, Kval. HMS leder


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