RamBase May 11, 2021 2 min read

Welcome on board Gama System! - New RamBase partner in Poland

Gama System has become the latest new RamBase partner in Poland. RamBase plan to double the number of partners in Poland by the end of this year.


Breaking standards

The new RamBase partner is a technology company with nearly 20 years of experience and cater to customers from south-east Poland. Gama System offers support to manufacturing companies looking to optimize their processes with the use of modern IT solutions. With RamBase Cloud ERP,  operating in the cloud and available as a SaaS -delivery model (Software as a Service), Gama System will extend the scope of their product offering and support.

"We provide our customers with proven systems and new, individual solutions. We often break standards, introducing modern solutions that at the same time are based on proven foundations. RamBase fits perfectly into this strategy." Łukasz Pokrzywka , Managing Director at Gama System Polska.

Pokrzywka adds that they hope to break some habits and trends prevailing on the ERP systems market. Thanks to the cooperation with RamBase they can now offer a tailored solution available almost immediately. "The implementation of which does not involve high costs and does not resemble Dante's wandering through hell",  Pokrzywka says. 


Partner Onboarding Program 

Certified RamBase partners in individual countries are responsible for the sale and implementation of RamBase Cloud ERP. The partner onboarding program includes activities such as product training, experience sharing, and various sales and project management tools.

"The process of implementing a new partner begins with the signing of a trade agreement with RamBase. RamBase considers the implementation of a partner to be completed after three successful implementations of RamBase with new end users. The process includes a wide range of training, workshops, coaching and assessments."  Anne Louise Våge Mikkelsen , Brand Manager at RamBase.

Polish implementers from Gama System will work with their counterparts in Norway, as well as with a team from GROWmatica,  who aid in supporting the sales of the RamBase in Poland. 

Looking for more RamBase partners

"We actively participate in both the search and implementation of new RamBase partners in Poland. Establishing cooperation with Gama System is part of an ambitious plan to significantly increase the number of RamBase partners in Poland later this year."  Jakub Polkowski , Channel Executive Manager at GROWmatica.

Polkowski adds that companies joining the RamBase partner network receives global know-how and very good local support tailored to their needs on many levels. Interesting in becoming a RamBase partner? - Visit our become-a-partner site. 

Visit the Gama System website to learn more about them.

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