Automated Banking

Handle your daily banking activities in your business system

Tired of switching between your online bank and your business system, downloading bank statements and punching payments manually? By integrating the most common banking activities into RamBase, we have made your online bank obsolete for daily banking.

Key Benefits

  • Increase control with payables and receivables automatically matched to open invoices
  • Save time with automatic bank reconciliation
  • Reduce risk of errors due to manual entry of payment and bank statement information
  • Authorized employees can make payments without needing bank access
  • Flexibility in choice of bank

Key Capabilities

  • Remittances are sent directly to the bank and payment status automatically updated in RamBase
  • Received payments registered automatically
  • Daily bank reconciliation done automatically
  • Up to date account balance directly in RamBase
  • Supports Norwegian, Danish and the largest Swedish business banks.
  • International payments

Interested in how it works?

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