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RamBase is sold and delivered by certified partners and we are always looking for new interesting partners to join our growing partner network.

We believe that the value created between the customers and the partners are important and we know that it doesn’t make any difference how good we make RamBase if we don’t have partners delivering it to the customers, helping them make the right choices and advise them on how to get the most value of their investment.

This is why we support our partners. We support their sales activities. We provide training and certification. We help out in implementation projects and we do marketing campaigns together. We invest both time and money to help our partners succeed in the market. Because we know that this is the only way we will succeed as well.

We also believe that things are changing a lot in the ERP market. The old delivery models are under pressure. And they should be. ERP delivery has, at least, the last 20 year focused around chasing hours. Doing installations, delivering modifications, testing and bug-fixing. With RamBase the need for technical setup is gone. The quality of the software and the delivery model means that time spent on testing is reduced and replaced with process verification. Training is more important than ever. And the industry knowledge of good consultants is vital. We have proven that we can deliver RamBase faster and with more quality than what was possible with the old systems. And this open up new opportunities for both our customers and our partners.

Building up a customer portifolio secures real recurring revenue for our partners and makes them less reliant on selling hour-by-hour consultancy. They can focus on value added services. Advisory, financial services, integrations, you name it. This is up to our partners to decide for them self. There are a lot of opportunities out there, and RamBase serves as a very good platform for many of them!

Implementation partners

This program is designed for experienced business software resellers that are interested in expanding their business. RamBase Implementation Partners handle customer project needs – from selling RamBase licenses to implementation and support.

Our approach to implementation of RamBase ERP, is to deliver via a partner network who shares in the success and values of what being a RamBase ERP partner means. 

Download more information on the RamBase Partner Value Proposition here.

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