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The introduction of ERP delivered as a Software-as-a-Service, with standard functionality and continuous upgrades have forced many ERP partners to think fresh.

It’s important for us that you as a partner are given business opportunities, and that the SaaS-solution is not a hinder, but a potential for further growth of both you and your customer’s business.

We offer our partners a platform based on RESTful API with the possibility of developing your own RamBase applications. As a partner, you can, therefore, extend existing RamBase functionality or connect RamBase functionality with functionality from other sources, and present everything seamlessly in a RamBase interface. This means that you can expand and adapt RamBase to best suit your customer’s needs. We give you access to our development tools and webhooks, and you’re free to sell your applications to a broad selection of customers or to develop customer specific applications. This opens up to new possibilities and will give you as an ERP partner the tools you need to step into the digital age with your customers as your main focus.

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