Partner Onboarding

Partner Onboarding is the process by which our new partners acquire the skills and knowledge required to be certified to deliver RamBase system implementations.

We have developed a partner onboarding plan to help our partners get started with RamBase. The plan includes activities such as product training, experience sharing and veriuos project management and sales tools. All these activities and tools allows to equip our partners with the knowledge required to perform sales, implementation and after-sale activities successfully. Moreover, all our partners get access to our Partner Portal where extensive, partner-related information is available in one place. To keep our partners up-to-date in terms of business strategy and market knowledge we invite all of them to participate at the semi-annual partner meetigs.

Partner Onboarding is delivered by the Partner Training Program which is owned and maintained by RamBase Academy. The onboarding process starts when a contract between a new implementation Partner and the new end customer is signed. The onboarding is considered to be done after three successful RamBase implementations to new end customers. The process includes a broad range of training, workshops, coaching and assessments.

Onboarding process in 3 steps:


Enter into commercial agreement.


Sales and market training, Marketing Materials, Prequalification of leads, B&R assessment provided by RamBase.


Partner is ready to perform sales and RamBase provide sales support.

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