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Electronic manufacturers are similar to all manufacturing businesses meaning you design, you build, you distribute, and you sell. Nevertheless, in the case of manufacturing electronic components there are challenges your ERP system should handle that sets it apart from other manufacturing ERP systems.

The obvious reasons to consider RamBase ERP are the following:

  • It’s built for your business
  • Everything connects
  • It’s in the cloud
  • Integration possibilities

But to what extent is the system really built for your business environment? 
Let’s attempt to give you five reasons why RamBase is a match for the electronic manufacturing service industry.

Managing complex supply chains

Having access to the right information and capitalizing on it immediately gives you a competitive edge. The supply chain ecosystem normally consists of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, resellers, and customers. With electronic components, production of even a simple part is likely to involve numerous production stages before those elements end up in a finished product. This means that managing your supply chain precisely will require detailed planning, execution and control. This is where the RamBase ERP system excels and our supply chain management solution provides you with improved decision making tools when it matters. The goal for RamBase is to allow you to streamline the supply chain operations and gain real time information of customer demand, production capacity, inventory needs, and shipment plans.  

Examples of core processes for supply chain management:

  • Requirements and purchase orders are based on sales and operational planning, as well as subassembly minimum stock level.  
  • Materials put into manufacturing consumption locations based on confirmed production orders.
  • Customer requirements plans processed as forecast for demand.
  • Demand forecast processed, validated by production planner to generate purchase requirement plan. 
  • Ability to review, optimize and maintain stock levels based on demand predictions.

Striving for product quality and traceability

Customer satisfaction is the key performance indicator for most businesses. For electronic manufacturers this relies highly on product reliability, product durability and products conforming to customer needs and specifications. Product recalls are one of the biggest risks that manufacturers have to face, not just because of the hit it takes on your customer satisfaction rating and possible damage to your reputation, but the cost associated with the recalling and replacing of your product. 

Your system should be able to handle returns and recalls not just in communication with your customer, but initiate processes within your organization and systems. With RamBase ERP our solutions lets you review the product set up, supplier and manufacturer traceability at item level, review purchase order history and of course control inventory, setting relevant products or components in quarantine. RamBase delivers seamless integration to all the relevant accounting items that needs to be flagged and changed, meaning your ERP-system operates to minimize potential lost revenue. 

Examples of core processes for quality and traceability: 

  • Product quality control through all process steps – goods reception, sub- and final assembly. 
  • Component inventory shelf life based on moisture sensitivity level.
  • Supplier return processing if deviations identified.
  • Customer return process with return of material authorization and deviation handling.
  • DPM – Defects Per Million – failure (RMA) statistics.
  • Manage serial numbering and lot number traceability. 


Scalability and integration possibilities

As a business grows, your operations become increasingly complex. Your ERP platform needs to be scalable to deal with increasing volumes, as well as scale down if demand decreases. RamBase is in the cloud and is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP system, which offers a shorter implementation period, regular and easier software upgrades and scalable pricing plans. 

At RamBase we say “Everything connects”, which means that all systems, web sites, machines and units with an internet connection can be connected to your RamBase platform-system. This represents almost unlimited possibilities to expand and improve your business processes. We believe in smart decisions and smart investments. By selecting an ERP system that is open to other applications, you enable existing software and units to interconnect with new systems and features.

Examples of core processes for scalability and integration possibilities:

  • Development platform
  • API developer portal
  • Ready made extensions to the RamBase platform 
  • Supplier portal
  • Scalable pricing plan
  • Web shops, mobile apps and web hooks

Handling short product life cycles

Demand can change quickly in the electronic industry, with components or products being classified as obsolete, resulting in short product lifecycles. When this happens your ERP-system needs to be highly adept to change and manage quick turnaround with regards to product set up and inventory management. Your ERP system should allow you to plan your production schedule in advance, but also let you turn around and deliver a product just in time if your customer requires it.  

Using RamBase you will be able to monitor supplier lead times, supplier delivery time accuracy and stock availability performance. With RamBase easy to use sale- and production calculator adjustments to your product can be done at item level through every step of the sales process. This enables you to review the effect of alterations on the sales price, and consequently the profit margin of your product.  

Examples of core processes for managing product life cycles: 

  • Delivery lead time next day or available to promise
  • Final assembly based on customer order
  • Sales calculator available at all stages of the sales process
  • Supplier lead time monitoring
  • Scheduled or ad hoc service
  • Efficient management of design revisions

Financial control

Accounting is one of the many day-to-day business activities that your ERP system should manage. 

With RamBase you get a complete ERP solution that helps you plan, budget, predict and report on your organizations financial result. RamBase holds all your finances, giving you full control of landed cost, and replacing many of your current stand-alone systems. Gross Margin is calculated in real-time. Finance transactions are posted after each operation in sales and production, and not as a final, separate job for the finance department to handle.

All transactions can be traced from a general ledger posting down to the specific customer order, or the other way around.  An advanced interface between transactions and the ledger will provide you with a box of reconciliation and quality tools which makes it possible to do a traceable and high-quality fiscal year closing on a month by month basis. And, if your company consists of multiple entities, you’ll see the benefits of our intercompany trade functionalities. In RamBase, ledger postings from within the group are automatically registered with an internal trade dimension. This makes it possible to consolidate or summarize reports on group level, giving you complete control when reporting to the board.

Examples of core processes for financial control: 

  • Attach labour costs to individual items, jobs, project, departments and more.
  • Financial report with an extensive range of KPIs for past, present and future performance.
  • Compare actual cost of work orders against estimates and expected material usage.
  • Manage multiple stock locations, including quarantine locations.
  • Transaction based reporting with authorization controls.
  • Bank integrations for outbound and inbound payment processing and reconciliation.

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