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RamBase ERP Platform

We have the right ERP software platform for your business ambitions - with the RamBase Cloud ERP platform you get nearly unlimited possibilities! The key is to understand that your ERP system is only one part of a bigger puzzle of information flow that your organization is submitted to. To gain real data insight and digital growth, your ERP system needs to be able to communicate with other systems in real-time and be able to adapt as you grow. RamBase is not your average ERP system - it's a future-proof, modern digital platform. The possibilities with platform technology are nearly unlimited - with RamBase you get the development tools you need, to find the right solutions for your business ambitions. 

What is an ERP Platform?

Words like the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart factory and digital twins are new technologies that are taking root in manufacturing- and wholesale industries. All these technologies may seem daunting and accessible for only large corporations, yet for small and medium-sized businesses there is one important notion to keep in mind going forward: Choosing an ERP system with platform capabilities will lay the foundation for your technology expansion and future digital growth.

Multi-tenancy is a type of software architecture where an application serves multiple customers.  In a multi-tenant architecture such as RamBase, each customer shares the same database and application.  Each customer's data is of course isolated, secured, and invisible to other customers.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings are an example of multi-tenant architecture.  RamBase is a SaaS system, which means each customer has a license of the system and pays on a subscription basis. 

API is short for Application Programming Interface and it is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.
The word REST in connection with API is short for Representational State Transfer and is a software architectural style that uses a subset of HTTP and provides a great deal of flexibility for creating web services.
RamBase is built on a set of APIs, whether you need to make a new application within the RamBase framework or just allow the flow of information between systems: the APIs are the tools you work with. The APIs can gather information from external software and communicates it to RamBase or the other way around, extracting information from RamBase and displaying it in external applications.
Scalable platform

Growth is only possible on a scalable platform, as your business grows your systems should follow suit.

RamBase delivered scalability with:

  • customer-controlled user access: the number of people who have access to the system is in your control.
  • streamlined processes: as your organization evolves, you're not held back with customized processes. 
  • one system version: the same system version is continuously updated with new functionality for all customers, no technical dept as your organization grows.
Smart Factory

A smart factory is a description of the digitalized shop floor, where machines and equipment deliver valuable business information. Smart factories have been made possible by the revolution of the Internet of Things (IoT).

With the platform capabilities in RamBase, you can let go of the traditional manual entered data and rather get real-time production data from your machine park directly into your ERP system.  


RamBase is delivered as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system. This delivery model enables organizations to subscribe to the application without hosting it in-house. This means that RamBase is responsible for software updates and follows a strict regime of operating system updates. 

RamBase is operated from a data center with the highest level of redundancy, to keep your data safe from human threats as well as physical threats. Strict access restrictions and highly skilled personnel ensure our customer's data is safe.

Other security measures in place are: 

  • Secure data backup
  • 24/7/365 manned SOC
  • Advanced vulnerability test
  • Secure sign in 

Read more about RamBase Cloud Security here.

Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps is a server-less workflow engine that helps you create and run automated workflows for integrating apps, data, services, and systems. Logic Apps is a cost-effective integration solution with pre-built connectors and minimal coding, you can build automated business processes and system integrations easily.  RamBase supports the integration of Logic Apps with the system, as it offers out-of-the-box features, that significantly streamlines the workflow development process.

Development Tools
All our partners and customers can create and develop applications with the use of our APIs.
All the information is free and available: 
Extension platform

Your business need may have been solved before. RamBase and our partners have developed many extensions that can be used by other customers with similar needs. 

Check out our our ready-made extensions to the RamBase platform.

Open API Resources

Everything you need to know to get started with using our free API resources, from authentication to advanced filtering and sorting.

Developer Guidelines

Start creating applications in the RamBase framework to achieve the same unified language and consistent look and feel.

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