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Inosa re-named RamBase Quality Management System

RamBase Cloud ERP and INOSA have a similar origin story. Both systems were created by entrepreneurs who had firsthand experience in their industry. They understood the importance of implementing systems that would empower businesses to maintain control, adhere to compliance standards, and consistently deliver exceptional products and services in a secure and user-friendly manner.

INOSA has been an integral member of the RamBase team for quite some time now. Together, we have been pooling our resources, exchanging knowledge, and collaborating on various projects and functionalities that cater to customers looking to enhance their ERP or QMS capabilities. And now, we are excited to embark on the next chapter of our joint success story.



We are proud to introduce the rebranded INOSA system as RamBase Quality Management System. This strategic merger combines the expertise, innovation, and reliability that our customers have come to expect from both INOSA and RamBase. Our similar origin stories now join forces under the same brand name of RamBase.

Rest assured, the transition from INOSA to RamBase Quality Management System will not compromise the excellence our customers have grown to depend on. On the contrary, this merger amplifies our abilities and offerings, enabling us to elevate the level of service we provide. The commitment to delivering top-notch solutions remains unwavering, and our dedicated team is ready to continue supporting you, every step of the way.

What you may be wondering about?

Why is INOSA changing its name?

INOSA AS was merged into Jakob Hatteland Computer, and we saw the need to align our products under a single brand in order to more effectively communicate and present ourselves to the market.

How will the INOSA system be affected by the change?

The INOSA system will not be affected in any way other than the name change. For existing users, it's the same tool in their everyday work life.

Update 08.02.24: Your site name will not be changed, but the Inosa logos will be replaced by RamBase Quality Management System. The link to the Support Portal will also be changed, directing you to QMS Support. These changes will be available in version 3.19.1.
Customers that are running on older versions, will get an error when navigating to the Support Portal from the system (new link:

What is RamBase QMS?

RamBase QMS stands for Quality Management System. We chose this new name because it accurately reflects the tasks and functions that this tool performs for our users. It effectively manages the quality work that our users around the world use every day.

How will this change affect me as a system user?

The change is not affecting you as a user more than a new logo on your screen. However, future plans include improvements that we want to deliver to the market, better equipped with a bigger team of professionals and developers.

Why is Hatteland including INOSA into it's RamBase Management Suite?

One of the tools Hatteland has offered for 30 years is RamBase Cloud ERP. Hatteland has also owned INOSA for several years.

With the introduction of INOSA, now known as RamBase QMS, Hatteland now delivers a comprehensive suite of business solutions designed to empower companies in achieving robust corporate governance.

Can I use RamBase QMS without using or buying RamBase ERP?

Yes, indeed!

These two tools provide a complete solution on their own for our valued customers. If you would like to learn more about RamBase Cloud ERP and how to gain control in your production, check out this link.

Will the price change now with new owners and the co-branding?

No, the pricing will remain the same, following the yearly changes as normal.

Will I get the same support?

Rest assured, the level of support you receive will remain unchanged.

However, we have made some changes to improve the way you access our support services. As part of our efforts to streamline our portals for both brands, you can now find more comprehensive details at the bottom of this page or this link 



Can I have a demo of RamBase Cloud ERP?

Of course, press here and we will contact you.

Can I join courses, seminars and event for RamBase if I have only ERP or only QMS?

All RamBase customers are welcome to all of our events. We belive in growing stronger together, sharing knowhow and success stories.

Check our upcoming courses here, and don't miss out on our big customer event in Gdansk in April: RamBase Summit 2024

Launching 14th November

New RamBase QMS Support Center

inosa-telephone-01From 14th of February the INOSA Support Center will be replaced by RamBase QMS Support Center. Tickets must be raised in the RamBase QMS Support Center, available at


  • From 14th of February the new support e-mail address will be 
  • New issues sent to will not be received.
  • The old e-mail address will be available for already open tickets, but we reccomend that you use the Support Portal. 

Please note: 

  • will not be available from 14th of February. 
  • Any saved bookmarks (in browser) must be updated. 
  • Ticket links in Support emails received before February 14th will not function.
  • Your ticket number/ID will still be the same in the QMS Support Portal. 

We are not expecting any downtime within our business hours during the support portal changes, but the Support Center may be unavailable if any issues should occur. 

If you experience any issues with your system, the new e-mail address or the QMS Support portal please call RamBase Support +47 52 78 50 70 (within our business hours 08:00-16:00 CET) and we will help you. 


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