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High-Tech and Electronics ERP


RamBase, built by electronic experts in the early 90s, has evolved into a comprehensive, fully integrated ERP system specifically designed for the High-Tech and Electronic Manufacturing Industry. Understanding the complexities of your products, the swift pace of your production, and the stringent regulatory requirements you encounter, RamBase Cloud ERP offers the precise control you require for all your business information.


At our core, we are driven by a single goal: to ensure your business operates with utmost efficiency, leaving you with satisfied customers and facilitating your growth not just today but well into the future.


RamBase delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility from product design to after sales service. Connect your processes in one system to enable seamless flow of activities across your entire supply chain.


Go for a system that accommodates different types of manufacturing processes.  If it’s MTO, MTS, ETO - the list goes on… We have the features you need to optimize your production.

production-bom-handling COMPLEX BOM?

Creating structure in multiple levels of raw material, parts, operations and sub-assemblies, is what RamBase excels at. Integrate CAD data and keep track of version history at item level.

system-quality-correction Quality in all processes

If you don’t deliver quality – you're out! It’s often as simple as that. Deviation handling,  integrated with your manufacturing processes, traceability at item level and calibration tools are some of the quality features we bring to the table.


Monitor the overall health of your business with complete visibility and easy-to-use financial reporting. Accurately track costs at detailed levels in your operation and maintain your books efficiently. 

manufacturing-automation EMBRACING INDUSTRY 4.0

Digitalization is here and it’s now – and you’ll need an ERP-platform to take part in the possibilities. Integrate advanced robotics and intelligent systems into your manufacturing processes with the RamBase ERP Platform. 


RamBase delivers the features and functions you need to thrive in the High-Tech and Electronic manufacturing  industry.

  • Product Structures
  • Forecast and planning
  • Flexible Production
  • Quality Focus
  • Documentation

Your complex BOM made easy



Complex is the norm when it comes to product structures in the High-Tech and Electronic industry. With RamBase you'll achieve order among the disarray of parts, sub-assemblies and operations that build up your product. 

Structured BOM - management is the heart of RamBase.

We keep track of product versions, during the design process as well as the sales process. You’ll always know which version you’re manufacturing - to which customer. 

RamBase offers traceability at item level with serial number handling and manufacturing part number of your choosing. You can also seamlessly integrate your BOM-details directly from your chosen CAD-program. 

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Intuitive Sales & Operation Planning tools



When you know in advance your customer or OEM’s demand - incorporate the forecast into your production plan to stay ahead of the game.  

With RamBase everything connects, and the production forecast automatically identifies your new procurement needs and seamlessly ties it together with your existing procurement activities. 

Find those costly bottlenecks that will slow down production with easy-to-use resource planning tools. Finally, get accurate sales predictions and see if you are set to reach your financial goals.

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Flexible and Lean Production



Chances are you're manufacturing a variety of ways to accommodate different customer needs and your ERP system should follow suit. From make to stock to engineering-to-order or project-based manufacturing. RamBase supports multiple manufacturing strategies. 

Smart production features are designed to make you work more efficiently every day. Like monitoring planned and actual set up times for all your operations, to see where you can do better. Or bundle orders together to get more done faster.

Following a lean production plan? Reduce costly inventory stock by using a KanBan approach to inventory optimization - triggered by your planned production need and preferred minimum stock level. 


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Never compromise on quality



In lean manufacturing reducing scrap is important not just because it saves you money, but it’s positive for the environment and keeps your customer satisfaction up. Especially in the high-tech and electronic industry where failure in a tiny part can have a major impact on all three aspects.   

With a built-in deviation system covering the whole manufacturing process you’ll easily identify where the problem started. Follow up with root-cause analysis and statistics to continually improve your product quality. 

If you rely on measurement tools to assess calibrations – RamBase has a full maintenance system in place to keep the tools up to date.

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Documentation ready in seconds



Digitalization may have reduced the need for printed paper, but you still need to have your product documentation at hand.  

When your product consists of multiple parts and several operations rest assured that your document package will mirror your product's Bill of Material.

Every change during the sales process is registered and documents are attached to each item and product structure. With only a few clicks, your product documentation is ready to be shipped to your customer.

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We know the niche industries you operate in and can offer the ERP functionalities to suit your needs

EMS If you identify as an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider, RamBase has the features you need to excel as a contract-driven supplier for big OEMs.  Read about why RamBase is a perfect fit for EMS businesses.
OEM As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we know outsourcing is part of your business model and we can give you complete control of your global supply chain. Read how Autostore handles a global production. 

We understand that your products are complex - there is constant pressure to be innovative and quality has the highest priority.   Read why  Norxe felt RamBase was the right quality ERP solution. 

ROBOTS Using robots and making robots: the world of manufacturing is changing. RamBase customers both manufacture robots and use robot-technology to manufacture their products. Read why two robot-companies choose RamBase.
When there are over one thousand parts in a single product, production is only possible with our RamBase ERP system
Adam Sidorowicz Improvement & Special Project Manager, Autostore SP. ZO. O.
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High-Tech and Electronic customers

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  • All Devices
  • ERP System
  • Digital Platform
  • Community
  • Price
  • Security

Cloud ERP on any device

Get full access to your systems at any time, any place and on any device – only requires an internet connection. 

RamBase is designed to be responsive and will adapt automatically to the device you prefer to work with.

With the RamBase Mobile App, you can also manage operation workflows, log work hours and approve transactions on the go. 

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Supporting your entire business

RamBase Cloud ERP covers all the key areas you need to run a seamless and smooth business. RamBase is a complete system that covers the whole quote-to-cash process. Plan, sell, manufacture, buy, report and check your financial status in the same system.

RamBase Cloud ERP provides you with the right information to the right person at the right time.

We offer rich functionality for manufacturing and wholesale industries - the smart ERP choice for the SMB market. 

See all the modules you get with RamBase Cloud ERP



Future proof digital platform

RamBase is a scalable ERP platform giving you a range of opportunities to extend your solution. Stay ahead of your competition with all the tools available for your digital transformation. 

Our open API application lets you create the extensions you need to extend the system to fit your needs.

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RamBase Learning Community

To continuously improve, there is no better inspiration and knowledge provider than our customers. Our RamBase Customer Forum brings together users to share knowledge and for us to gain insights. 

Looking for an easy “how to do it” description?  Then the RamBase Knowledge Center provides a detailed overview covering all aspects of the system that you may need.

Predictable and flexible pricing

ERP pricing should not be complex and difficult for the customer to understand and manage. With RamBase, we offer a price package that fits your business needs. 

There are no upfront payments or hidden costs. You pay per user per month. 

There is only one system version for all RamBase users. Meaning no expensive version updates in the future. You do not need to wait to have the best system available: new functionality is released regularly.


Cloud Security 24/7

With the ever-growing areas of digitalization, your business is open to a higher degree of security vulnerabilities and risk. 

We know the trust you put in us to secure your data, and we take this responsibility seriously.

RamBase has the policies, processes, tools and most importantly the mindset in place to safeguard your system.

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