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RamBase August 1, 2019 2 min read

AutoStore controls one thousand parts in a single product

RamBase client, AutoStore, is a robot technology company that invented the automated cube storage system; the densest storage solution in existence and the most space-efficient system in the industry, according to AutoStore CSO, Hege Olsen. 

AutoStore’s factory in Poland has witnessed extreme growth since the implementation of the RamBase Cloud ERP, according to Adam Sidorowicz, Improvement & Special Project Manager, Autostore SP. ZO. O.

“When there are over one thousand parts in a single product, production is only possible with our RamBase ERP system,” says, Adam Sidorowicz,



Control is important

“It is important for us when we deliver an installation that our modules come to the right place, to the right customers, at the right time. Having systems to track this is extremely important. RamBase is a very good system because it connects everything. We need to be able to go into the system and find the data we need, at any time, anywhere,” Olsen said. 


“Last year, we produced about 4,000 robots, more than 20 times more than in 2012. When there are over one thousand parts in a single product, production is only possible with our RamBase ERP system” said Sidorowicz. 


Good communication is vital with a multitude of steps in the production process to control. RamBase allows for seamless interaction regardless of the country at the operation or management level. 

“It’s easier not only for us but also for the management team. If everything is registered in the system,  they can easily check what is going on. And it doesn’t matter if they are in Poland, or in another country. If they have access to the system they can easily check,”

Malgorzata Pazur, Chief Accountant, AutoStore SP. ZO. O


One system in different countries

Olsen said, “We can look into the Norwegian database, we can look into the US database, also into the Polish database. So the beauty of the system is that it is so transparent. You can trace all of the transactions, from A to Z. It is also very easy to start a company in another country because we just duplicate what we have done in other countries.” 

“RamBase makes us very productive, very efficient and very speedy. RamBase is our ERP system, and it’s our heart and veins. So RamBase is what connects everything together.” says Olsen.


According to AutoStore CEO and president Karl Johan Lier, RamBase has enabled AutoStore to grow as the leader in the industry and increased its employee’s job satisfaction

“Only needing to use one system for all areas is a very evident strength for us.” says Karl Johan. 


About RamBase Cloud ERP

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