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ERP Production Module

An integral part of the RamBase Cloud ERP platform

RamBase Cloud ERP for production is a complete material requirements planning system (MRP) that covers engineering, planning and advanced operation handling. The production module can handle multiple manufacturing options, giving you full control over everything from warehouse location, delivery status and shortages in stock. Integrated processes give you complete control of all supplier purchases and correspondence with suppliers, and this information is available throughout the production process. The updated status on each product is available on part level, giving you complete control of what you need to do to get the product delivered as planned.

Complex Production Made Easy

data-benchmarking Optimize production
Automate the calculation of materials and components needed to manufacture multiple products, while taking into consideration current inventory levels and planned forecast.
production-bom-handling Advanced BOM Handling
Create order in the multiple levels of parts, operations and sub-assemblies that build up your product structure. Keep track of version history at every level and easily integrate CAD data if needed. 
manufacturing-automation Smart Manufacturing

Reduce time-to-market and make more informed decisions with smart technologies that take automated data collection and produce advanced production analytics and better planning schedules. 

Key production capabilities:

  • Versioning of all products, with full revision history

  • Product life cycle management

  • Advanced part management

  • Process routing

  • Master production schedule (MPS)

  • Material requirement planning (MRP)

  • Multi-line production
  • Suppliers and subcontracting information for timely delivery
  • Shop floor control (SFC)

  • Capacity planning

  • Cost control, planned cost / accrued cost / real cost / cost deviation

  • Measurements and measurement tools

  • Deviation handling

  • Built-in quality report system

  • Pre-production and production tasks
  • Leadtime calculator

AutoStore on why RamBase:

"When there are over one thousand parts in a single product, production is only possible with our RamBase ERP system" Read More

Covering all your core processes

The Production Module is only one part of a complete ERP system that covers all the key processes you need to handle your business. RamBase Cloud ERP covers the whole quote-to-cash process with integrated modules for finance, sale, procurement and quality to name a few.

Don't settle for multiple systems not communicating with each other, with RamBase you get all the core processes you need in one system and the tools to integrate with other niche systems. 



Forcast and Planning:

The Sales and Operation Planning Tool

When you know what to produce, you can easily and accurately calculate what to purchase, which helps you manage a correct stock level. Minimize the cost of holding stock, while still ensuring customer demand with the Sales and Operation Planning Tool in RamBase. 

Read More

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