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A look inside at how it’s like to work at RamBase.

Meet our people

At RamBase, people are truly our most valuable asset. We cherish individuals with a wide range of expertise in various fields and a diverse range of experience levels.


Meet our CEO


"At RamBase, we believe in fostering a collaborative and innovative environment where every individual is valued and empowered. Our success is a result of the dedication and hard work of our exceptional team members, and we are confident that you will contribute significantly to our shared achievements."

Andreas Hellström | CEO, RAMBASE



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Our voices

Wondering who’s on the RamBase team? We’ve recorded podcasts with our employees so they can tell you about themselves, their work, and what they appreciate about their colleagues (Podcasts follow in Norwegian) 

  • Tove Lise: Developer

    Tove Lise is a developer. She cares about solving problems and loves that when she codes, she sees the results of her work the very next day. This is a huge motivator for her everyday.

  • Hans-Morten: Business Analyst

    Hans-Morten, a Bergen resident, shares details of his everyday work, hobbies, and qualities he values ​​in a good colleague.

  • Jens: Developer

    Jens is a developer in RamBase where he works both independently and in teams. We have a large, highly-competent developer environment where teamwork and culture are important success factors for our technology.

  • Modgunn: Support Consultant

    Customers who come in contact with Modgunn for support are always in good hands. Modgunn is a veteran here at RamBase, and in the podcast, she tells you why she has thrived in RamBase for so many years.

Global investment:

We think bigger!

Among mountains and fjords in western Norway, you will find RamBase. We have an entrepreneurial spirit that dates back to 1971. Now, we are taking our decades of insight and top-of-the-line ERP system to international markets. Read More