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RamBase QMS Module

Visual Documents

With RamBase QMS, you can easily create documents such as work instructions, one-point lessons, and procedures using images, symbols, flow models, and videos.


Functionality in the Visual Documents module

Making good and visual work instructions is an important part of the company’s work to standardize its work processes. Agreed standards are the starting point for improving processes. Standardization of work processes and the use of visual aids in documents are key elements in working with Lean. Check out the functionality within our Visual Documents module below:

  • Create Documents
  • Living management system

Visualize your instructions

Documents made up of visual elements such as images, video, symbols, and process models are easier to read and understand. By visually describing work instructions, the company can ensure that employees both learn and perform their work tasks correctly in a more efficient way. RamBase QMS is an ideal tool both for preparing and managing work instructions, one-point lessons (EPL) and standard operating procedures (SOP’s). Rambase QMS is easy to use, employees at all levels of the organization can participate in creating their own work instructions. Functionality to provide feedback on each document also contributes to continuous improvement of the management system.

  • Easily create visual documents using images, symbols, models, video, text
  • Handles various types of documents: RamBase QMS documents, uploaded documents (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.), quizzes, URL’s, or message documents

Continuous improvement

A living management and management system (ref.ISO 9001:2015) is important for achieving continuous improvement. You may also want to establish a common system for quality, HSE and any other required elements. Dealing with multiple management systems creates more work, and it becomes less transparent for the employees. By involving your employees in preparing and improving the documents and the management system, you are well underway. Good and easily accessible reports for status in the system also helps to create a living system. The most important thing, however, is good internal routines for follow-up.

  • Feedback per document
  • Authentication check
  • Version history
  • Document history
  • Search
  • Revision interval with notification per document
  • Easy dashboard overview and document status reports
  • Archiving documents that are no longer in use