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The RamBase Cloud ERP software has industry-specific modules and features that fit your business. Developed in close cooperation with manufacturing and wholesale companies, we can offer you the cloud ERP solution fit for your industry needs. 


Discover how RamBase perfectly aligns with your industry.

High-Tech & Electronics Manufacturing

Meet your customer’s high demands for quality and traceability.  RamBase gives you full control of every step of your manufacturing process.

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Metal Fabrication

To meet customer expectations for quality and control, you must master the production process to ensure every product meets high standards.

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The automotive industry is one of the largest industries by revenue. The need for efficient processes, margin control and product innovation has never been greater. 

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Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Facing new tech demands, high costs, and dynamic schedules? Get an ERP system with efficient process management and strict margin control.

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Wholesale Distribution

When your job is to deliver – at the right place, at the right time and to the agreed price – you’ll need to have a system that is built for speed and volume.

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High-Tech & Electronics Wholesale Distribution

If you are a wholesaler handling electronics and high-tech products we know the strict margins your faced with and high traceability requirements.

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Oil & Gas Supply Chain

RamBase is a manufacturing-based ERP system that adapts well to support the challenging requirements of the oil and gas industry. 

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Stop working outside your systems, let RamBase handle the core processes of your business.

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Discover how our solutions align with different business types and roles.


Starting a company you can’t afford a big, time-consuming implementation project. RamBase supports flexible licenses, scalability and fast-track implementation.  

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RamBase focuses on providing scale-ups with the right solutions to enable unhindered business growth when it matters the most

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Small & Medium-sized Businesses

As an SMB, your challenges include meeting customer quality expectations and managing limited resources and information.

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Fast-growing companies

The ERP system itself is completely scalable – you make use of the functionality you need depending on where in your growth process you are.

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International Businesses

RamBase is a future-proof system delivered through the cloud, and it’s built for companies with complex value chains.

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As the CEO,  your focus is on revenue and company growth. You need a complete overview and knowing the status of your business in real-time. 

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As the CIO,  you want to make sure your company invests in a platform that can be the base of your ecosystem, and support your future digital strategy.

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As the CFO,  you need transparency into all financial data and value that the finance module is an integral part of the ERP system. 

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