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ERP Finance module

An integral part of the RamBase Cloud ERP platform

An integrated finance module that shares data with other core business processes such as inventory management, purchasing, production planning and customer relationship management. The RamBase Cloud ERP Finance module holds all your business data in one place and can replace many of your current stand-alone financial systems.

The most important function within a company is its core activity, and next to that, you'll find the financial management.  Some may argue that it's the other way around, but the link between them is without a doubt crucial. All companies, no matter their size or industry, depend on healthy financial management that can steer the direction of the core activity. Gross margin is calculated in real-time, as financial transactions are posted after each operation in sales and production, and not as a final, separate job.

finance-coin-1000x1000px-min Accounting
Get control from the moment you enter a business transaction and know each day which parts of your business are actually making you money and which are not. 
world-connectivity Country specific functionality
RamBase supports and updates country-specific financial functionality for the UK, Norway, Sweden and Poland. Region-specific functionality for the EU is also supported.
system-dashboard Real-time Reports

Know your organization's financial health and make more informed decisions and predictions with financial statements and reports from all areas of your company.

Integrated finance management for streamlined operations

With RamBase Cloud ERP Finance Module you can: 

  • Precise and easy-to-use controller tools for reconciliation and period closure.
  • Trace all transactions from a ledger posting down to the specific customer order, or the other way around.
  • Control an extensive range of sub-ledgers which gives you a very detailed overview of your balance accounts.
  • Efficiently and proactively follow-up the receivables ledger for an overview of transactions and payment history of each customer.
  • Handle intercompany trade for multiple entities within your company.
  • Create or import a budget into RamBase and draw parallels to your financial reports. 
  • Monitor the cash flow of the company and handle bank reconciliations in an efficient and reliable manner.
  • Get a financial asset overview that includes depreciation status, operating costs and income on each asset.
  • Create separate tax accounting overviews for auditing, including Value Added Tax (VAT) overviews.
  • Manage your assets with a clear investment overview, automatic monthly depreciation, depreciation cost prognosis and the ability to create reports for use in audits. 

Why Sterling White Halibut chose RamBase:

"When I was hired to map Sterling’s systems, we quickly saw that there was a need for change: They had a stand-alone accounting system that ran accounts from Innova which gave them an enormous amount of extra work."
Rune Løvdal Senior Manager of RamBase partner BDO
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Covering all your core processes

The CRM Module is only one part of a complete ERP system that covers all the key processes you need to handle your business. RamBase Cloud ERP covers the whole quote-to-cash process with integrated modules for production, sale, procurement and quality to name a few.

Don't settle for multiple systems not communicating with each other, with RamBase you get all the core processes you need in one system and the tools to integrate with other niche systems. 



Invoice approval on the go

RamBase Mobile Application

Increase your financial and operational efficiency by making your invoice management system accessible through your RamBase  Mobile Application. 

 If you're on the move, the Invoice Approval App enables you to minimize delays in the approvals process by approving on the go and you reduce the time others will spend on invoice follow-ups.

Check out our video illustrating the functionality on the RamBase Mobile Application. 

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