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HSE and Environmental Management

All businesses are subject to different requirements for HSE management in accordance with their countries internal control regulations. They must work systematically with HSE, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations related to HSE and the environment. To maintain control and ensure compliance, procedures should be documented in an HSE system. 

Establishing a robust HSE system requires a clear understanding of the requirements and in-depth knowledge of the company's activities.

HMS og miljøstyring


Our RamBase consultants has extensive experience in HSE and environmental management. Our consultants can assist you with:
  • Mapping requirements
  • Establishing an HSE system in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Establishing an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and preparing for certification
  • Establishing an environmental management system according to Miljøfyrtårn (the Eco-lighthouse) and preparing for certification
  • Conducting compliance assessments

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