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ERP Document Management

An integral part of the RamBase Cloud ERP platform

Organize your documentation requirements securely and efficiently. All documents, from, customer orders to shipping documents are available with only a few clicks when you need them. RamBase Cloud ERP provides document management functionality completely integrated with all business processes. With RamBase you get a complete and correct documentation package with a full version and revision history. 

documentation-folder File Manager

File storage solution with several documentation options. Easy access to product documentation, company documentation or your own personal library. 

documentation-workflow Document Workflow

Every step in the business process is documented with version control and can be managed easily in RamBase with drag and drop functionality.

role-based-security Secure Storage
Your document library is stored in the cloud for easy access and with multiple security features in place to assure availability and data integrity. 
File-Share File Share

Send document packages via a secure RamBase portal to external recipients. Access documents instantly on any device anywhere, any time. 


  • Intuitive documentation dashboards. 
  • Easy uploading using drag and drop functionality.
  • Ability to restrict who can read, modify and delete a document.
  • Integrated access to corporate and company policy and procedures.
  • Collect and send large file packages directly from RamBase
  • Easily link documents to several processes or folders.
  • Version and revision history for quality compliance.
  • All documents are protected with multiple security measures.
  • Easily find related content to your search with automatically related document suggestions.
  • Manufacturing Record Book (MRB) documents every detail of your products.

VVS Prefab on why RamBase:

"I love how RamBase handles documentation; Even the minor parts are accounted for and you can easily provide the customer with these documents. Before we spent a lot of time gathering these documents and now it is basically automatic and sent to the customer right away. "

Per Kverneland Managing Director VVS Prefab
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Covering all your core processes

The CRM Module is only one part of a complete ERP system that covers all the key processes you need to handle your business. RamBase Cloud ERP covers the whole quote-to-cash process with integrated modules for production, sale, procurement and quality to name a few.

Don't settle for multiple systems not communicating with each other, with RamBase you get all the core processes you need in one system and the tools to integrate with other niche systems. 



Flow of Documents

Eliminate Information Silos

The different workflows in RamBase create a range of documents that needs to manage and retrieved when needed. From the initial quote through the sales process, purchasing, warehouse, and finance - easy and organized access to these documents is essential to gain compliance and efficient quality deliverance.

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Sharing System Insights

RamBase Learn is our YouTube Channel filled with demos and learning tips for using RamBase to its full extent. Check out some videos related to the procurement module.

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