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High-Tech and Electronics Wholesale Distribution


If you are a wholesaler handling electronics and high-tech products we know the business challenges you're up against. We know the strict margins you're faced with and the traceability- and quality requirements your products must adhere to.

How do we know? We've been there!

RamBase was built by electronic experts back in the early 90s. When no other system on the market could handle the distribution job of electronic components in the cloud, RamBase Cloud ERP was created.  Today RamBase is a fully integrated cloud ERP system covering all the core processes you need to run your wholesale distribution business.  Rest assured that our system is built on a future-proof platform with the technology you need to join the digital transformation.


Our goal is for your business to run efficiently, achieve satisfied customers and help you grow now and into the future. 

warehouse-storage warehouse management

Run your warehouse at its highest capacity. Receive, track, and store inventory to minimize overstock and free up space for stronger selling lines and use handheld devices for efficient processing.

world-connectivity Global Supply Chain Visibility

RamBase delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility with full traceability at every level. Connect your processes in one system to enable seamless flow of activities across your entire supply chain.



data-find Integrated Supplier portal
Make your procurement processes more streamlined, automated and efficient, by allowing your suppliers to communicate directly with you through a safe and secure online environment.  
system-dashboard Real-time financial reporting

Monitor the overall health of your business with complete visibility and easy to use financial reporting. Accurately track costs at detailed levels in your supply chain and maintain your books efficiently. 

system-search Traceability

Keeping track of numerous, similar products and multiple suppliers and manufacturers can be a challenge. With manufacturer part number you can correctly identify the right products and the right substitutes instantly.  

system-approved Compliance & Quality Control

Robust quality deviation handling integrated at every step in your business process. With traceability at item level you'll easily find, correct and investigate deviations and track suppliers' compliance to contract terms.

Your ERP system is only one part of a bigger puzzle of information-flow that  your organization is submitted to. With RamBase Cloud ERP you get a future-proof platform with possibility to integrate with different systems relevant for your value chain. 

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RamBase delivers the features and functions you need to thrive in the High-Tech & Electronic Wholesale Distribution industry. 

  • One System
  • Forecast and planning
  • Warehouse
  • Margin Control
  • Documentation

Key information at your fingertips



RamBase has all the core processes you need to manage your day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, warehouse management, logistics, customer relationship management (CRM) and quality handling.
Customize the RamBase desktop to see the key information you need to do your job effectively. Track inventory movement, leverage supplier and vendor relationships and maximize sales with a 360-degree view of each customer. 

Forecast & Procurement tools



When you know your customer demand in advance, - incorporate the forecast into your production plan to stay ahead of the game.  
With RamBase everything connects, and the demand forecast automatically identifies your new procurement needs and ties it together with your existing procurement activities seamlessly. 
Manage your procurement needs with real-time data - with RamBase you'll always know when to buy, when products will arrive and when your customers need them.

Optimize warehouse functionality



Your warehouse is the backbone of your business and also where a major amount of your investment lies. Reduce costly inventory by using a KanBan approach to inventory optimization - triggered by customer demand and preferred minimum stock levels. 
This is key for stock items that have a "shelf-life". For example, electrical components have an expiration date and using inventory control methods such as first in - first out is essential to lower the risk of obsolete stock-keeping units.    
Save valuable time by scanning incoming goods with handheld devices directly connected to RamBase. 

All about margin control



Offering variable discounts is often what is needed to win business from customers. With different discount arrangements and strict margin control features, you can offer your customers a great deal and still know in advance that you'll achieve your required margins.  
In RamBase you get a complete financial application with features such as accounting and financial reporting, budgeting, collection of accounts receivables. All features are designed to equip you with the real-time data you need to run a global wholesale business. 


Read more about our finance module.

Documentation ready in seconds



Digitalization may have reduced the need for printed paper, but you still need to have your product documentation at hand.  
All product documentation from customer, manufacturer and supplier is stored in the system and ready to follow the product through to the end customer.
Every change during the sales process is automatically registered in RamBase and sales documents are attached to each product. With only a few clicks, the product documentation of your choosing is ready to be shipped to your customer instantly.


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  • All Devices
  • ERP System
  • Digital Platform
  • Community
  • Price
  • Security

Cloud ERP on any device

Get full access to your systems at any time, any place and on any device – only requires an internet connection. 

RamBase is designed to be responsive and will adapt automatically to the device you prefer to work with.

With the RamBase Mobile App, you can also manage operation workflows, log work hours and approve transactions on the go. 

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Supporting your entire business

RamBase Cloud ERP covers all the key areas you need to run a seamless and smooth business. RamBase is a complete system that covers the whole quote-to-cash process. Plan, sell, manufacture, buy, report and check your financial status in the same system.

RamBase Cloud ERP provides you with the right information to the right person at the right time.

We offer rich functionality for manufacturing and wholesale industries - the smart ERP choice for the SMB market. 

See all the modules you get with RamBase Cloud ERP



Future proof digital platform

RamBase is a scalable ERP platform giving you a range of opportunities to extend your solution. Stay ahead of your competition with all the tools available for your digital transformation. 

Our open API application lets you create the extensions you need to extend the system to fit your needs.

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RamBase Learning Community

To continuously improve, there is no better inspiration and knowledge provider than our customers. Our RamBase Customer Forum brings together users to share knowledge and for us to gain insights. 

Looking for an easy “how to do it” description?  Then the RamBase Knowledge Center provides a detailed overview covering all aspects of the system that you may need.

Predictable and flexible pricing

ERP pricing should not be complex and difficult for the customer to understand and manage. With RamBase, we offer a price package that fits your business needs. 

There are no upfront payments or hidden costs. You pay per user per month. 

There is only one system version for all RamBase users. Meaning no expensive version updates in the future. You do not need to wait to have the best system available: new functionality is released regularly.


Cloud Security 24/7

With the ever-growing areas of digitalization, your business is open to a higher degree of security vulnerabilities and risk. 

We know the trust you put in us to secure your data, and we take this responsibility seriously.

RamBase has the policies, processes, tools and most importantly the mindset in place to safeguard your system.

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