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RamBase Cloud Security

With the ever growing areas of digitalization your business is open to a higher degree of security vulnerabilities and risk. Being a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider we know the importance of cloud security. 

We know the trust you put in us to secure your data, and we take this responsibility seriously. RamBase has the policies, processes, tools and most importantly mindset in place to safeguard your system. Everyday we invest in data protection to ensure your data is safe. 





SaaS Cloud Hosting

RamBase is delivered as a cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system. This delivery model enables organizations to subscribe to the application without hosting it in-house. 

This means: 

- RamBase is responsible for software updates and follows a strict regime of operating system updates. 

- Our data center is located underground, safe from EMP attacks.

- Strict access restriction and highly skilled personnel that ensure your data is safe.

Advanced vulnerability tests

RamBase conducts continuous vulnerability mapping to secure our system delivery. We also conduct penetration tests by ethical hackers to confirm our high level of security.

Secure sign in

Usernames and passwords are one of the main targets of cyber criminals. RamBase provides effective countermeasures against these threats including: 

- Single sign-on (SSO),

-Two-factor authentication (2FA)

- Multi-factor authentication (MFA) supported by Azure Active Directory. 

SSO means you can have one identity in multiple applications per user. This measure reduces password fatigue for employees and helps businesses with password management.

2FA requires two factors to be verified before the user gains access to the system. 

MFA is a security control that requires two or more factors to be verified before a user can gain access to the system. 

Secure Data backup

Cyber-attacks such as ransomware are a serious threat to all companies. Having your business information sold on the dark web or held for ransom will not only have a monetary effect, but can drastically damage one's reputation.

With RamBase we ensure that all the data in transit between the system and end user is encrypted. In addition to maintaining online backups at several locations, we also perform daily offline backups.

RamBase is operated from a data center with the highest level of redundancy, to keep your data safe from human threats as well as physical threats. 

Security Operation Center

The Security Operation Center, operated by EMP Secure, identifies, analyses, investigates and reports threats against all RamBase services.

Manned 24 hours all year around to stop cyber-attacks from becoming security risks and safeguarding your business data from attackers.  


Sharp security mindset

Who is responsible for security? You, me, everybody!

In RamBase all our employees are safety officers. Only with proper training and education at all levels of the organization can we become a security-conscious company. That's why all RamBase employees are given regularly security training to keep the security mindset alert and ready. 

Security provider EMP Secure:

Dedicated 24/7 for cyber security

At EMP Secure we pride ourselves in being the backbone for safe IT operations. We deliver the security measures needed to stay safe in the ever growing world of cyber threats. 
Olav Espedal Chief Information Security Officer
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