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RamBase February 12, 2018 2 min read

We needed to get up and running as quickly as possible

With RamBase ERP, startup Norxe gained immediate control in all business-critical processes with no significant investments.

We started to look into RamBase six months ago, and we’re already up and running in all areas. We needed something that would get us up and running as quickly as possible, states Kjell Olsen, CSO of Norxe.

The startup company produces a brand new, specially constructed projector. RamBase helps them, among other things, to get complete control of financials, customer communication and the flow of goods.

We’re developing a high-tech product in a discreet manufacturing assembly line, that is sold worldwide. We needed an ERP-system to gain control of the production flow," explains Olsen.

Norxe didn’t want to invest too heavily in IT costs as a startup company.

"The possibility of upscaling as the business grows has been important for us. The fact that RamBase is a cloud ERP system and therefore accessible from everywhere, is also a key benefit, " adds Olsen


Moving to the cloud meant that cloud ERP security was an essential factor for Norxe that RamBase could handle.  

"We feel safe and secure, and all the standard issues such as backups, admission control, and redundancy are professionally handled. Servers are securely placed in a Norwegian mountain hall, which adds to our feeling of safety. The system is always up to date, and we avoid building up technical debt. Not having to worry over these issues was quite essential for us when choosing a system," Olsen says.


Partner Support

When choosing a system, Olsen contacted Mazeppa Consulting, a consultancy firm specializing in ERP systems. Mazeppa has implemented ERP systems for over two decades and is now an official partner of Hatteland’s cloud ERP system, RamBase.

CEO of Mazeppa Consulting, Aage Ramstad, has seen this trend coming, but it’s coming faster than anticipated.

"It’s quite clear that cloud based systems is the future of ERP, and that trend has flipped our business model," says Aage Ramstad.

Until recently, companies' need for safety has been the cloud’s number one enemy, despite reports from Gartner and Panorama Consulting suggesting that cloud-based systems are far safer than on-premise implementations.

"We have customers that deliver to the aerospace and defense segment, with high demands to safety. Now even these customers are thinking about moving to the cloud, "Ramstad says.


Foundation for digitization

As a startup with a growth strategy, choosing RamBase was an easy decision for Norxe.

– Cloud-based systems give a lighter implementation phase – the customer can implement exactly what they need and be up and running quickly, without heavy investments. Licenses are invoiced monthly based on the number of users, and costs are directly tied to business size.
But Ramstad also believes that more extensive and established companies must acknowledge this technological change to avoid technical debt.

Whether you’re big or small, established or a startup, and whether you have an IT-department or not, you should spend your core time on business, not IT. When digitization starts gaining speed you’ll need to have your business systems in place.

Aage Ramstad

-You can’t digitize if you don’t have a solid foundation. What Norxe does, together with RamBase and Mazeppa, is to build that foundation.