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RamBase February 25, 2021 2 min read

What do strawberries and warehouses have in common?

What do strawberries and warehouses have in common? Automation, Robots and RamBase.

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In the latest edition of the Norwegian technical magazine Teknisk Ukeblad, the theme is automation and how companies are using robot technology in new, innovative ways. This is true for AutoStore with warehouse robots and Saga Robotics with robots for the agriculture market. The companies are both featured in the magazine, letting readers know how their innovative solutions are revolutionizing the market. Another thing both robotics companies have in common is; They use RamBase Cloud ERP to handle their growing businesses.  


Strawberry fields with robots

The Beatles may not have envisioned robots in their classic song "Strawberry Fields Forever", but in the strawberry fields in southeast England, more precisely in Kent, the Thorvald-Robot from Saga Robotics is already hard at work.

CEO of Saga Robotics, Pål Johan From, explains their take on the market:

The agriculture market is the world's largest employer with over one billion employees worldwide, and there are many mundane and repetitive tasks people really do not want to do, which is perfect for a robot. The potential to automate and streamline is huge, and very little work had been done in that area before we started.

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From start-up to rapid growth 

The Covid-19 pandemic is a contributing factor to Saga Robotics increased demand for their robots. When farmers cannot use human labour from abroad because of the pandemic, autonomous labour becomes a safer way to secure yields from crops.

Since the start, there has only been one way for Saga Robotics. They received a lot of international attention when they presented the prototype, and since then, they have leveraged commercialization grants and innovation loans. Enough for them to launch the first robots into the market and so proven that the technology is here to stay. 

From a start-up to rapid growth, exactly the type of company that thrives with RamBase. Companies that are experiencing explosive growth or, due to changes in the market, need to turn around quickly are a perfect fit for RamBase. 


Full ERP functionality

With RamBase, Saga Robotics will have complete control over each robot during its product life cycle. RamBase also has a complete rental module that fits perfectly with Saga Robotics' business model of renting out their robots to their customers. The innovative company will also utilize several standard modules in RamBase, such as sales, purchase and logistics, and the CRM module, which will control all the sales leads. 


Warehouse robots

In line with the automation theme in the magazine, RamBase is showcasing one of its customer success stories with Norway's first unicorn, AutoStore. A RamBase customer for nearly two decades, AutoStore is a robot technology company that invented Cube Storage Automation, the densest order-fulfilment solution. Their focus is to combine software and hardware with human abilities to create the future of warehousing.  With RamBase Cloud ERP, they have been able to grow with installations in over 30 countries in a wide range of industries. Read more about what Karl Johan Lier, CEO of AutoStore, says about their ambitions for growth and how that requires a solid ERP system.