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Customer Reference Story

GRIFF Aviation, a Norwegian company specializing in drone technology, designs heavy-lifting drones for international industries such as power companies, construction projects, ports, and offshore operations. Recognizing the need for increased efficiency, traceability, documentation, and quality throughout its value chain, GRIFF Aviation sought a system to support its growth ambitions.

From the very beginning of their search for a new Cloud ERP solution, GRIFF Aviation partnered with Arribatec, a trusted provider of digital solutions. Arribatec helped them evaluate different options and ultimately recommended RamBase Cloud ERP as the ideal solution for their needs. With Arribatec's expert guidance, GRIFF Aviation was able to seamlessly implement and integrate RamBase into their operations, ensuring that the system had all the necessary functions for GRIFF Aviation's production and supply chain needs. 


Supporting Growth Ambitions

Leif Johan Holand, CEO of GRIFF Aviation, cited the Rambase Cloud ERP system's flexibility and ability to meet their needs, as well as Arribatec's combined knowledge and experience, as key factors in their decision to implement the system.

“We were looking for a system that was suitable for our business and that was flexible and could help us manage our critical business functions and support further growth. After considering several options, we realized that RamBase Cloud ERP was the best choice for us. The project and collaboration with Arribatec has already had a significant, positive impact on our operations and we believe it will continue to drive success going forward” Leif Johan Holand, CEO of GRIFF Aviation 


RamBase Cloud ERP is a standard, user-friendly, flexible, and scalable solution that provides real-time data and insights to help businesses streamline operations and support growth.  For scale-up companies like Griff Aviation, it is an ERP system that is an ideal choice for companies in the innovation, production, and logistics sectors that want to enhance their control and efficiency.



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Implemented by industry experts

Linn M. Bø leads the RamBase initiative at Arribatec. Since implementation, GRIFF Aviation has experienced significant improvements in efficiency and decision-making support, leading to confidence in their ongoing partnership with Arribatec and continued success for the company. 

"GRIFF Aviation values innovation and efficiency, which makes RamBase Cloud ERP the perfect solution for them. This comprehensive ERP system has a range of tools and features that can help streamline operations and drive growth for GRIFF Aviation. We are pleased that the implementation project was completed on time and within budget, and we are committed to continuing our successful collaboration." Linn M. Bø, Director of Cloud ERP in Arribatec

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Throughout the implementation process, Arribatec worked closely with GRIFF Aviation to understand their unique business requirements and ensure that the system was implemented in a way that meets their needs.


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