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Risk Assessment

System feature details

Improve the way your work

production-cogs-blue For Management
Improve operational efficiency by reducing the cycle time and costs of risk assessments.
extensions-blue Operations
Drive agility and risk-based decision-making by providing a single view of the top risks faced by your organization across all lines of the business.
system-documentation-1000x1000px-min Compliance

Build confidence with regulators and management by establishing a strong risk governance and issue reporting framework with clear lines of accountability.

Track and Manage Key Risk Indicators and Other Metrics

Define and manage key risk indicators and control indicators. Track metrics, set up risk thresholds, and attach to documents within the system.

Key capabilities

  • Risks and controls can be mapped and measured
  • Configurable scoring and rating methodology
  • Monitor risk assessments via trend graphs

Risk Mapping

Correlate enterprise risk metrics to performance goals and strategic initiatives.

Key capabilities

  • Powerful dashboards and reports to gauge the performance of key metrics and analyze risk trends.
  • Gain real-time access to information on risk management across your enterprise.
  • Capture and track details on risk profiles, risk control self-assessments, control ownership, status of remediation, successes, failures, and trends.
risk matrix

Risk assessment helps your business

  • Improve performance and growth by aligning risk metrics to performance indicators.
  • Build confidence with regulators and executive management, as well as with partners and customers, by establishing strong risk data governance.
  • Quickly assess risks and controls effectiveness against predefined metrics and make necessary changes to mitigate risks in an agile manner.

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