Extend RamBase Cloud ERP with ready-made add-ons and connectors to third-party systems and services. Our open API's allow you to extend RamBase to fit your business needs. 

Automated Invoice Reception

Eliminate the stress of invoice management.

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Electronic Invoice

Automate your customer's invoices with e-Invoicing.

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Automated Banking

Handle your daily banking activities directly from your business system.

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Shipping Integrations

Streamline your shipping process with integrations to shipment management providers. We currently support Consignor.

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Visual Production Planner

Visualizes your resources capacity and do changes by drag and drop functionality.

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PL Whitelist Bank Account Check

Let RamBase automatically check the status of the VAT payer in your system.

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Automated Import of Exchange Rates

Our flexible solution for import of exchange rates support the central banks of Norway, Sweden, Poland, as well as the European Central Bank.

Modern Label Management

RamBase provides a pre-built integration with NiceLabel, one of the market leading label management systems.

PDM Solution Integration

Synchronize your design data. Seamlessly transfer drawings, product parts and BoM to RamBase with an integration to your preferred PDM-solution

Robex Scheduler Integration

For advanced production scheduling needs, leverage the best of RamBase and Robex Scheduler to optimize your production planning.

VAT Reporting

Ease the delivery of VAT reports using our Altinn-integration in connection with our reporting features in the finance module in RamBase.

Payroll Integration

Reduce administrative cost by integrating your payroll with RamBase.


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