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RamBase March 12, 2019 2 min read

Aardal Maskinering: “RamBase is the central nerve of our organization”

Since 1997 Årdal Maskinering has delivered high-quality machining services within drilling, piping, turning and milling. Since they started using RamBase a decade ago, they have learned that you don’t need to sacrifice productivity for control.

“You really need to adjust the company when you grow”, says the founder and manager of Årdal Maskinering, Jørn Arve Årdal. He’s a man who knows what he’s talking about.

Since he founded the company over 20 years ago, Årdal has experienced highs and lows, but all in all the arrows have been pointing upwards since we was working by himself on a single CNC machine in the company’s early days. But it didn’t take long before market demand forced him to bring on more people, deliver more and increase production efficiency.

“At one point we realised we needed a new ERP system. We wanted something that is easy to access, so you can keep up with everything that happens no matter where you are. Control is a critical factor in the production industry, so you are certain that the right jobs are done at the right time and that the right materials ends up at the right place. With RamBase I can find all the documentation I need in two minutes”, Årdal says.

More control, better quality

“RamBase is like the central nerve of our organisation . We log everything we do, it keeps everything connected in real-time. ERP is not our core business, but machinery is, so it’s important for us to have a system that lets us focus on that.”

Jørn Arvid Sæther, Head of Production in Årdal Maskinering

Frode Hegle, quality manager in Årdal Maskinering, points out that since they started to use RamBase nearly a decade ago, the RamBase software has continuously evolved. RamBase has allowed them to maintain their productivity while gaining more control over their production, ultimately letting them provide an even better service for their customers.

“We often have customer audits at our factory, and we always show them how RamBase works so they know how we keep control of the schedule, process and quality of our production. Every little detail can be checked, and that’s, of course, something that has high value to them because they can truly put their trust in our work and get a full overview of what we do”, Hegle says.

“I have asked the guys who are working with production here, and they would never go back to the systems we used before. RamBase is user-friendly and allows them to focus on the right things”, Jørn Arve Årdal adds.