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Elisabeth M. Aardal May 22, 2023 2 min read

Arribatec Wins Vertical Application Solution of the Year with RamBase Project

RamBase takes immense pride in congratulating Arribatec for their well-deserved recognition as the recipient of the Vertical Application Solution of the Year award at the IT Europa Channel Awards. Arribatec's outstanding achievement highlights its industry-specific brilliance and unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions to its clients. As an integral part of their success, RamBase celebrates this accomplishment alongside Arribatec.


Arribatec accepts award alongside RamBase at IT Channel Awards 2023Linn Marie Bø, Director of Cloud ERP at Arribatec, and Anne Louise Vaage Mikkelsen, Head of Marketing RamBase, proudly accepted the Vertical Application Solution Award at IT Europa Channel Awards 2023.


Competing against 13 other shortlisted companies, Arribatec's triumph demonstrates its profound understanding of customer requirements and its ability to deliver service and solutions that surpass expectations. Their exceptional project, which secured the prestigious Vertical Application Solution of the Year award, centred around the successful implementation of RamBase Cloud ERP for GRIFF Aviation.



Griff Aviation AS is a Norwegian company that designs and develops Industrial UAVs for the international market.


"We are very pleased and honored to receive the Vertical Application Solution Award together with our customer, GRIFF. It's a great acknowledgment of the hard work performed by our competent implementation teams. We look forward to continuing to deliver successful projects for new and existing customers in partnership with our system provider, RamBase." says Linn Marie Bø, Director of Cloud ERP at Arribatec.


Leveraging the power of RamBase Cloud ERP, Arribatec enabled GRIFF Aviation to effectively tackle rising demands for efficiency, traceability, documentation, and quality. The project's flawless execution, accomplished within an impressive four-month timeframe, was achievable thanks to the proactive engagement of the GRIFF Aviation team and their swift adaptation to the new system.



RamBase takes immense pride in its collaboration with Arribatec, as it signifies a shared commitment to excellence and a shared vision of empowering businesses through cutting-edge technology. The partnership between RamBase and Arribatec, initiated in 2021, has proved to be a resounding success, continuously growing from strength to strength. Beyond the implementation of RamBase Cloud ERP, this collaboration extends to offer complementary services in areas such as BI & Analytics, integrations, and consulting services. This comprehensive approach empowers clients to undergo complete business transformations and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.


“Congratluations to Arribatec on this achievement. Arribatec with their competent team brings energy and good vibe into their projects. I truly believe it’s all about the people and that is what we see the result of now by getting recognized by the IT industry”, says Anne Louise Vaage Mikkelsen, Head of Marketing RamBase. “We are proud to bring RamBase Cloud ERP to the market together with our partner Arribatec. Our strategy is to grow stronger together with our partners and customers”.



Explore the Griff Aviation project that earned Arribatec the prestigious Vertical Application Solution of the Year award. Read more here.


Elisabeth M. Aardal

Elisabeth M. Aardal is the Content Manager at RamBase. She's passionate about communicating complex technology in a format that is understandable and fun. ERP & RamBase is all about control of information, and she thrives on sharing customer stories that have achieved just that.