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RamBase May 7, 2024 2 min read

Eurex Implements Innovative RamBase System with EU Funding Support

In the heart of Poland's industrial landscape, Eurex, a wood processing plant with a legacy spanning over three decades, sets on a transformative collaboration with RamBase Cloud ERP. This strategic investment in the advanced cloud ERP system, supported by European Union funds, highlights the company's dedication to ongoing development and innovation.


Comprehensive implementation for production and logistics optimization   
Starting their journey, the project includes an extensive range of RamBase system modules, including sales, procurement, production, and warehouse management, in addition to logistics. This collaboration equips Eurex with end-to-end integrated management solutions to support the company's' key business areas. This initiative is fueled by a committed in-house push to enhance operational effectiveness and refine processes across all facets of the company's activities.


Cloud technology: a key to sustainable development

Emphasizing the decision to choose RamBase Cloud ERP Managing Director, Michał Kędzia, has this to say:

"Our decision to go with RamBase was dictated not only by its rich functionality and modern user interface but also by the fact that it is a cloud solution. This allows us to focus on our core business without worrying about IT infrastructure. It's a crucial step in our sustainable development strategy, enabling even better use of raw materials and care for the natural environment."

Michał Kędzia, Managing Director and Partner of Eurex Wood Processing Plant



EU support – the driving force of innovation
The implementation of RamBase Cloud ERP at Eurex Wood Processing Plant was financed with support from European Union funds, recognizing the company's commitment to innovation and sustainable growth. This funding presents new prospects for the company, strengthening its status as an industry frontrunner and aiding in the deployment of modern solutions that will elevate its market competitiveness.


Opportunities for Polish businesses to obtain financing and grants for ERP system implementation are continually shifting. A critical phase in the application process for funding is identifying a program or competition that aligns with the particular activity and getting acquainted with its goals, criteria, and significant deadlines.


"Thanks to the available European funds, Polish entrepreneurs have the opportunity to implement modern tools that optimize company operations and operational costs. Our cooperation with Eurex is a model example of such an opportunity," says Monika Bugaj-Jabłońska, Site Manager at RamBase Poland.



Eurex: A company with 30 years of market experience

Eurex specializes in manufacturing wood products, catering to a wide range of sectors - from do-it-yourself (DIY) chains to industries, transportation, logistics, furniture manufacturers, artisan workshops, and the construction industry. The company is equipped with a state-of-the-art machinery park spanning 4 hectares, featuring production facilities that cover over 5,500 square meters, facilitating the complete fulfillment of both local and international orders. Eurex is renowned for its dependability, quality, operational efficiency, swift service, and commitment to environmental sustainability. Its mission centers on proficient and effective wood processing, alongside diversifying its product lineup in response to customer preferences and evolving market demands.


About RamBase Cloud ERP

RamBase Cloud ERP is a complete business solution that provides full control by linking the value chain into one system that interacts, streamlines, and simplifies all your core processes. 

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