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RamBase June 21, 2022 2 min read

Hatteland Technology operates their business with RamBase

Hatteland Technology uses RamBase Cloud ERP to operate its business. How does our system elevate their business? And what modules are they using most frequently in their everyday work life? We sat down with them to have a chat. 

"We have approximately 200 employees globally, and we use RamBase as our management tool." - Thor Østrem, Vice President - Quality and HR, Hatteland Technology. 


We're impressed to see how far Hatteland Technology has come - and the impact of their technology's footprints in the world today.




Quality is everything

Now, like from the start, Hatteland Technology is determined never to compromise on quality. With the high expectations from their customers within aerospace and marine, they need to deliver. Every single time. To ensure they deliver top-tier quality every single time, they need to have the right system with the right process in place, and the quality module in RamBase delivers exactly that.   

"In our industry, there are sky-high requirements for quality and documentation in all processes." - Harald Andre Berge, Purchaser, Hatteland Technology. 



RamBase as a management tool

Hatteland Technology uses RamBase to gain an overview. Whenever something happens somewhere in their business, for example, purchases are being made and the warehouse stock changes, RamBase updates everything seamlessly. For Elin Leknes Roa, Production Planner at Hatteland Technology, she needs to stay on top of everything. 


"One common, key thing for every single one of our customers is the following: there is a vast amount of things to keep track of. Whether it be components, documents, or finances.. You know, everything that makes a business a business. You need to be in control; to us, that is serious business."  - Elin Leknes Roa, Production Planner, Hatteland Technology. 


Leknes Roa highlights the production module as one module that she uses daily:


“The functionality I use the most in RamBase is the production plan. With that, I handle incoming orders from sales and plan production accordingly.” 



Stability during unstable times  

The last couple of years has been challenging for many industries globally. We’ve seen an outburst in warehouses out of stock, longer delivery times of supplies, and rising production costs in general. If there is anything this period of time has shown us, the business systems you have in place can make or break your growth - when the unexpected occurs.

Our goal is to provide a solution that helps companies grow, no matter the circumstances. From Hatteland Technology, we got one of the greatest testimonials yet: 


“Recent times and events have been challenging due to a lack of components and have given us longer delivery times. But with the help of RamBase as a management system, we have still managed to keep a growing production running”. - Elin Leknes Roa. 



As we advance, we’re excited to follow Hatteland Technology on its journey. We’re thankful that they trust us to be their business system solution. 


About RamBase Cloud ERP

RamBase is a cloud-based ERP system that helps businesses within manufacturing and distribution gain control over their entire value chain, from sales to production to delivery. Built on a future-proof platform, RamBase is a flexible Software-as-a-Service solution with rich industry features delivered by certified partners with extensive industry knowledge. Don't settle for less; RamBase supports your whole organization. 


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