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Elisabeth M. Aardal June 25, 2024 3 min read

On-Systems embraces RamBase Cloud ERP to drive future growth

Struggling with the limitations of their outdated ERP system, On-Systems, a leading UK power solutions provider, sought a more robust and efficient solution. The discovery of RamBase Cloud ERP marked a turning point. Discover why RamBase was the perfect fit for On-Systems, promising to streamline operations and support future growth plans.


Meeting the growing demands of the UK market

For 13 years, On-Systems  has built a reputation for delivering top-tier power supplies. Renowned for their commitment to delivering quality products, they specialize in creating fully customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Their team of system design engineers are experts at enhancing product performance and resolving intricate challenges, ensuring that the solutions they provide are not only reliable and efficient but also safe, cost-effective, and fully compliant with industry standards.

DBWD_On_Systems-85 (1)On-System power supplies

On-Systems has established itself as a leading provider of power solutions in the UK, and as their business is growing rapidly, they realised the need for a more complex business management system. They wanted a system that gave them more control and governance. A system that could support their current growth and ambitions for the future. CEO of On-Systems, Mike Harvey explains why the choice fell on RamBase:

"The transition to RamBase Cloud ERP has been a transformative experience for our company. It has not only improved our day-to-day operations and governance, but also positioned us for future growth and success. We are more agile, more informed, and better equipped to serve our customers."

CEO Mike Harvey, On-Systems



Four key take aways for On-Systems with RamBase

After carefully evaluating the available systems on the market, On-Systems found their perfect match with RamBase. Asking them to give four key factors that influenced their choice: 


system-updating-1000x1000pxIntegrated Processes: RamBase Cloud ERP offers On-System a seamless integration of all their processes. From sales to purchasing, everything is connected, providing On-Systems with a comprehensive view of their operations.

warehouse-storage-1000x1000px-min Supply Chain Visibility: With RamBase, On-system gained improved visibility over their supply chain. The system’s real-time updates and status codes on transactions allows On-System to react swiftly to any changes and maintain control over their inventory levels.

sales-rocket-1000x1000px-minAdaptability and Growth: In a market that’s constantly evolving, RamBase equips On-System with the tools to adapt to new technologies and expand their market presence. The flexibility ensures that they can scale their operations without compromising on performance.


graph-monitor-growth-1000x1000px-minFinancial Management: Lastly, RamBase Cloud ERP addresses On-Systems financial challenges with robust financial management tools, giving them the confidence to meet their fiscal responsibilities with precision.


International collaboration with Norway and UK

The journey between RamBase and On-System is a testament to international collaboration and expertise. Working closely with teams in both the UK and Norway, Mike Harvey says that On-System had a successful implementation that transcended geographical boundaries. The synergy between the UK’s innovative approach and Norway’s robust technological infrastructure provided a solid foundation for the ERP system’s integration.


"As we embarked on our journey with RamBase, the expertise of their consultants was a beacon that guided us through every step of the transition. Their team, composed of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds across various industries, brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. The consultants’ proficiency in both management and production roles provided us with expertise at all organizational levels. In essence, the consultants’ expertise was not just a service; it was a partnership that fostered our growth and ensures our success with RamBase."

CEO Mike Harvey, On-Systems


Mike Harvey underscores the crucial role played by the UK team’s local expertise and their profound understanding of the unique needs within On-Systems’ industry.

"Their UK-teams insights were crucial in tailoring RamBase to our operational framework, ensuring that the system aligned perfectly with our business processes. Meanwhile, the Norwegian counterparts, with their rich history in developing RamBase, offered unparalleled support and knowledge. Their hands-on assistance and commitment to excellence were instrumental in navigating the complexities of ERP implementation."


Partnership for growing stronger together

Onboarding On-Systems as a UK customer is a significant milestone for us as we further establish our presence in the UK market.

community-love-minWe are honoured to be chosen as On-System’s ERP provider and look forward to helping them streamline their operations, achieve their business goals, and grow stronger together.

To learn more about how our ERP solutions can benefit your organization, contact us today.