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Elisabeth M. Aardal July 3, 2024 2 min read

One Point Lesson - useful tool for standardization

In today's fast-paced work environments, effective communication of task instructions is crucial for maintaining productivity and quality. One Point Lessons (OPLs) have emerged as a valuable tool for this purpose, offering a simple and visually engaging way to convey essential information. As part of continuous improvement efforts, especially within the LEAN framework, more companies are adopting OPLs to streamline their processes and ensure consistency across their operations.

The primary rationale behind One Point Lessons is their ease of comprehension and accessibility in the workplace. Many companies opt to print out these valuable instructions and display them near workstations for quick reference. Visual aids, a strategy employed successfully by industry giants like Lego and IKEA, enhance retention and understanding, minimizing language barriers with their universal appeal.

One Point Lessons play a vital role in a management system, adhering to the same standards for effective management. Ensuring that everyone accesses the latest version of a document is crucial, as well as guaranteeing that all necessary individuals receive any updates or changes.

In many organizations, it is often the employees who are most familiar with the tasks at hand that create the OPLs. Their in-depth knowledge ensures that the instructions are accurate and precise, leading to a sense of ownership over the standards and procedures outlined in the documents.



Standardization is key 

Establishing clear guidelines for the visual layout of One Point Lessons is essential for streamlining the creation process. By defining a standard format for OPLs, it not only speeds up the development of new instructions but also enhances readability through consistency. Consistent use of symbols and colours ensures that each visual element conveys a specific and uniform meaning. For instance, if red signifies a warning, this colour should consistently convey a warning message throughout all OPLs, rather than merely serving as a visual aesthetic.


Control of One Point Lessons

A One Point Lesson serves as a detailed document outlining the necessary steps to perform tasks within the company. Given its integral role in the management system, it is crucial to subject these documents to the same level of control for versions, revisions, and updates. Ensuring that only the most recent version is accessible to those who require it is paramount for maintaining efficiency and accuracy in operations.


RamBase Quality Management System

Implementing one-point lessons is an effective way to improve work processes through simple, visual communication. By using OPLs, businesses can ensure that all employees have access to the necessary tools to perform their tasks correctly and safely.

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