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RamBase November 2, 2021 3 min read

RamBase strengthens internationally

"We need people to influence, develop, and distribute the cloud solution of the future."

“In the last two years, we’ve had our international potential confirmed; the strategy of going out into the world was correct,” says COO of RamBase, Karl Inge Stensland.

Despite long periods where it hasn’t been possible to travel and be close to our international customers and partners, these markets have nevertheless grown, and today RamBase has over 20 partners in Norway, Sweden, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Denmark.

“And we’re now noticing that there’s a tremendous demand for our solution: We see this when industry analysts such as Gartner Group say that interest in the type of cloud solution that RamBase is, is now growing enormously in several markets and industries. This tells us that we’re in the right place!"


RamBase in 2021

Karl Inge emphasizes that the RamBase system is, and will continue to be, a Norwegian-produced product with a clear focus on quality and value.

“The goal is always to be best of breed: The very best at production, machining, and wholesale, with an unshakable focus on constantly developing the service,” he says.

Through a solid partner network, our solution will spread around the world. Our partners have solid industry knowledge and experience which will help us reach our goal of localizing to the different countries' markets and needs.

“This is the reason why we work with partners; they are our hands and feet in the various countries. We grow by enabling people who understand what, for example, the Polish market needs. Our job will then be to constantly strengthen them, therefore strengthening RamBase in the respective markets,” says Karl Inge.

In addition to having customers and partners in the above-mentioned countries, RamBase now also has development partners in Poland and Sri Lanka, which means that the company currently has over 100 people working with development, sales, and delivery.

Karl Inge also points out a large and important shift in RamBase; that they have recently gone from being a typical tech environment with a focus on purely technical solutions to becoming far more focused on the value RamBase provides and can provide to its customers.

“It is important for us to communicate an even clearer value message both nationally and internationally: We want our target audience to understand what’s unique about RamBase, and what value we provide.”

RamBase is strengthened at all levels and invests in building competence

RamBase has a continuous ambition to grow exponentially; to grow with the upcoming challenges and build strategically to stay ahead of needs. Therefore, the organization will be strengthened in everything including system developers, consultants who will implement the systems with customers and train partners, as well as a proactive marketing and sales apparatus.

“It’s important for us to invest in building competence in our people. Therefore, we have a trainee program where people with little experience, often new graduates, can build a broad competence in RamBase. From there, there are many possible career paths in the company,” says Karl Inge.

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In other words, you don’t need to come in as a fully trained expert, but rather try different directions in the company to find your own place. Here, Karl Inge sees great value in the fact that RamBase is in a position that allows them to be flexible in helping people in the direction they want.

“And best of all, we see time and time again that these trainees become key resources in the company. Suddenly, those who were trainees have suddenly become "head of" something!”

In RamBase, you feel like you’re on a special journey, Karl Inge points out. “You’re involved in building something a little different; establishing a dedication that is contagious, inspiring, and motivating throughout the company. And not least: you get to see the value of what you do.”

“I find it very rewarding that you get to work closely with both creating real customer value, at the same time as you work close to the actual technology and product environment that develops it. Thus, you can help influence the product itself,” says Karl Inge and concludes:

“Here we clearly differ from the companies where the same flexibility isn’t really there: RamBase has a size and flexibility in the organization that makes individuals' contributions very visible, which is invaluable for us and our employees.”