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RamBase September 9, 2022 1 min read

Sell your services with our flexible project order solution

Capture new revenue streams and deliver customer excellence with a RamBase module that unites the new ways people and businesses operate. Project Order Delivery (POD) is built to accommodate companies that are selling their services to customers. This new release delivers a suite of rich functionality and tools for a unified experience and handling of your projects


Make smarter decisions with accurate real-time reporting





Ensure that the right staff and equipment are on-time with a complete view of your projects in real-time, including client history, accrued expenses, performance history, use of equipment, materials, and resources, as well as being connected to RamBase lifecycle capabilities which include billing, and asset history. 



Control the chaos of managing your projects



Bring structure with real-time information and visibility that enhances your product offerings and customer experience. Eliminate the burden of tedious manual tasks with a digital workspace that delivers the precision and flexibility you need for complete control over your projects.





Enhance your customer experience


Your business depends on overseeing the full customer journey and what drives customer satisfaction. Our unified digital workspace serves the needs of your team to deliver customer excellence with fast quoting, real-time project metrics, and access to internal resources, including order data, inventory, and billing information. 



Connected digital workflows


RamBase applications seamlessly connect your data, workflows, assets, teams, inventory, logistics, contracts, fulfillment, and revenue management to ensure you have the most accurate information on hand when you need it.



Andreas Hellstrøm, Chief Product Officer at RamBase, said:

“This is a major step in our journey to develop a suite of tools for businesses to facilitate their processes and remove friction from workflows effectively. Project Order allows our users to drive key aspects of their day-to-day work seamlessly. This is just one of the steps to make the delivery process easier as we continue to develop our product offering.”



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Watch our POD webinar 

For more information about Project Order, watch our webinar on our YouTube Learn channel.