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RamBase May 7, 2020 3 min read

Solv on building with RamBase’s building blocks

“Magic happens when business and technology meet: it’s in this point of intersection that we’re able to build strong core values quickly, just like the functionalities we’ve built this time,” says the CEO at Solv, Morten Nessler.

When Logi Trans became a new RamBase customer back in February, BDO was quick to engage Solv to assist with their technical expertise. Their common goal has since then been to utilize the RamBase platform and develop integrations to better adapt the system to Logi Trans’s individual needs.


“The RamBase platform made way for Solv to play around with the APIs, and thus develop well-adapted solutions for Logi Trans. This way, Logi Trans gets something “unique”, which makes them stand out from the crowd,” Morten says.


Frode Hetland, the CTO at Solv, explains that what Logi Trans needed was some fine-tuning and customizations in RamBase’s interface.

“Since Logi Trans charges their customers by square meterage, they needed a solution that could calculate area and billing that was missing from the interface. In addition to this, they needed a custom functionality that allowed them to photograph, document, and have absolute oversight on the inventory flow in and out of the warehouse,” explains Frode.


Because even though storage primarily isn’t Logi Trans’s main area of work, they do process a lot of transit storage, and when customers continuously pop up with remote storage needs, it led to new requirements for the company and their inventory management system.

“The standard functionality in RamBase didn’t originally allow for simply documenting inventory flow by using an iPad or smartphone, so this is one of the things we’ve developed and added to the interface,” says Frode.


He adds that since RamBase has a steady framework, and well-established guidelines and API’s, that this is something that Solv could quickly develop and integrate.

Here, Morten emphasizes that this type of simple solution could save the company a lot of time and resources, most of which is typically spent on solving legal disputes.

“A large freight forwarder, like Logi Trans, needs to be able to prove the condition of the merchandise; that nothing has been damaged during transport. Something as simple as being able to take pictures of the merchandise could potentially save the company large sums; money that would otherwise be lost as a result of not knowing who is responsible for any damage,” he says.


Together we understand the customer

Frode says that since Logi Trans’ original system had a lot of customizations, they now wanted primarily to retain as much standard functionality as possible from RamBase. Therefore, the intention was to do as little as possible when it came to Solv making the necessary customizations.

“And here’s where some of RamBase’s fundamental benefits comes to play: You can go ahead and use the standardized version as much as possible, but at the same time you have the opportunity to add custom elements as needed,” says Frode.


“Naturally, you move away from the tailor-made adjustments, because the way RamBase operates is more in line with the Lego brick principle: you can build a car one day and an airplane the next, but you use the same building blocks,” Morten adds.

He specifies that some of the magic with RamBase is that this new functionality is now built in such a way that it can easily be implemented for other customers as well.

“That’s what makes RamBase golden: you don’t need a whole developer team of fifteen/twenty people, working year after year to develop specific functionalities,” says Morten and continues:

“This whole collaboration is a great example of just that: Together with the domain experts at BDO, and with RamBase’s in-depth ERP competence, Solv has joined in as a commodity supplier of sorts. Together, we understand the customer and their customer journey, and in just a short amount of time, we’ve been able to build a form of “off the shelf” functionality on top of what RamBase and BDO are already doing together.”