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RamBase November 1, 2021 2 min read

What identifies an successful ERP implementation? Motivation!

It’s well known that implementing a new ERP system is a significant investment and in order to really achieve the benefits, your employees need to be thoroughly trained! 

Commitment and motivation to learn and understand

Kystdesign, a manufacturer of subsea equipment, shows that they have really understood the task, by setting aside dedicated time to work with the RamBase training team.

Although the time is approaching two o’clock in the afternoon and the Kystdesign team has been hard at work soaking up ERP knowledge since the early morning, it doesn’t seem to affect the mood: The laughter sits loose and the team is still motivated for training!

"One of the employees said quite early in the process that "now that they've received a proper system, one they've been asking for for several years, it was up to them to prove that this system is right for them", says Aud Hege Stava, one of the trainers from RamBase Professional Services.

Superusers from all departments

Employees from various departments in Kystdesign participate in the training sessions; becoming "Superusers" and bringing the knowledge back to their respective departments. 

The first training session is normally a general review of all the modules, then the sessions become more tuned into different areas. The goal is for the customer to quickly understand how the whole process is connected - and how it fits into their business.

"We’re reviewing the 'Quote to Cash' process right now, and we can see how our production is reflected in the RamBase processes. The training consists of a practical approach, where we get to practice by making various requests in the system”, says Joakim Slettemeås who’s responsible from Kystdesign for the RamBase ERP project.



Established process for implementation

The team from Kystdesign has completed day two of a three-day training session. Previously, they’ve had six ordinary training days, all part of an established process for implementing RamBase. 

Cecilie Grindheim from Professional Services is the project manager overseeing the Kystdesign implementation process. She emphasizes the importance of having a structured process for the implementations in order to ensure quality in the delivery. 

“And following the different phases is a natural route for both us and our customers”, says Cecilie and continues: 

“There is often some uncertainty associated with the changes related to an ERP process, which we take seriously. The goal is always for the customer to feel safe and taken care of in what will ultimately be a successful implementation”.


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Chose a complete ERP solution

Kystdesign needed to switch out their previous system, Mamut, because it didn’t include a production process. The workaround for this became different Excel sheets, which is not a good starting point for growth.

It was high time for a cloud-based ERP solution that could cover Kystdesign’s entire value chain, and provide insight and control from sales to production and finally delivery.

"In RamBase, everything is linked, and thus we will have better control over all information than we’ve had before, which is great for our future growth", says Joakim Slettemeås.


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