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RamBase March 25, 2022 3 min read

Todis Consulting partners up with RamBase to promote modern ERP in Poland

Todis Consulting, a consulting company specializing in implementing and supporting integrated IT solutions, has joined the community (group) of RamBase implementation partners in Poland. It will provide access to the Norwegian solution to even more customers in Poland.


Headquartered in Warsaw and with employees across the country, the new RamBase partner Todis Consulting employs a team of consultants with years of experience in IT systems implementation. Todis works with over 100 customers in Poland and abroad.


Anna Todis

"As a team of creative professionals with extensive experience in ERP implementations, we always try to meet our customers' expectations. We are not afraid of new challenges, so we are constantly looking for the best solutions for the market, said Anna Turzańska-Saldej, CEO of Todis Consulting.


For over 17 years, Todis has been specializing in implementing ERP systems and provided its own solutions, modifications, and functional extensions to the existing systems they provide. The focus for Todis Consulting is meeting the customer's need with local market requirements (e.g., changes in legislation) and systems for reporting (Business Intelligence).


Development possibilities 

Founded in 1992, RamBase is a Norwegian-developed software-as-a-Service system born in the cloud. Jakob Hatteland Computer AS owns, host and promote RamBase. RamBase is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps businesses within manufacturing and distribution gain control over their entire value chain from sales to production to delivery. Poland is one of the strategic markets for the Norwegian IT producer.

The system is equipped with a rich set of API and RamBase encourages partners and customers to develop smart industry solutions with the open building blocks available. 

RamBase fits perfectly into our strategy - as a modern, cloud-based platform designed for manufacturing companies. We were enchanted by the simplicity and ergonomics of the system as well as by the possibility of a very fast implementation at the client's site. We hope that cooperation between our companies will allow us to meet our customers' expectations even more effectively and comprehensively, says  Turzańska-Saldej.


The ERP expertise that Todis Consulting brings to the table fits perfectly with the development possibilities that the open API resources the RamBase Cloud ERP platform provides. 

Boguslaw Skwarna

Open API means the possibility of complementing your ERP system with applications and the option of additional integrations. In both cases it is additional business potential for our partners that our new partner will be able to take full advantage of, says Bogusław Skwarna, Country Manager Poland in RamBase.


Embarking on a detailed onboarding process

Certified RamBase partners in each country are responsible for sales and implementation of RamBase Cloud ERP. Todis has started the Partner Onboarding Program for RamBase, which includes product training workshops, experience exchange, and training for various sales and project management tools.



The onboarding process of a new partner begins the moment a partner signs the sales agreement with RamBase. It continues on with the first three customer projects. Todis will embark on training courses, workshops, coaching and assessments, says Elin Seldal Rinden, Partner Development Manager at RamBase.


todis_consulting_partner_1200x628 (2)


About Todis Consulting:

Todis Consulting is an independent Polish consulting company providing comprehensive IT solutions. The company employs a team of consultants with years of experience in the implementation of IT systems. Todis works with over 100 clients in Poland and abroad. The company specializes in ERP systems implementations, but it also creates its own solutions, modifications and functional extensions to existing systems tailored to individual customer needs or to local market requirements (e.g. changes in legislation), as well as systems for reporting (Business Intelligence). 

Check out their website and their dedicated RamBase Partner Site.


About RamBase Cloud ERP:

RamBase is a cloud-based ERP system that helps businesses within manufacturing and distribution gain control over their entire value chain from sales to production to delivery. Built on a future-proof platform, RamBase is a flexible Software-as-a-Service solution with rich industry features that are delivered by certified partners with extensive industry knowledge. Don't settle for less; RamBase supports your whole organization. 

Learn more about the industries that RamBase supports


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