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RamBase March 18, 2019 3 min read

WepCo’s production efficiency thrives with RamBase

A dramatic turnaround in the oil industry forced WepCo to put on the brakes and rethink. A challenging process to succeed with while simultaneously fighting on a competitive market. With RamBase, they managed to turn things around and look ahead.

“We must turn every stone and get as much as we can out of what we have to be competitive and we need to be as efficient and cost aware as possible to survive. With RamBase there are many more KPI’s I can measure every day. I know how much is coming in, how many orders we’ve received, the coverage ratio of the projects that’s next in line and what’s already been done. This is very valuable information to have when planning forward”, WepCo manager Jon Arne Ramsland says.

Fast-track implementation

The mechanical manufacturing company from the Stavanger area on Norway’s west coast decided to implement RamBase in August 2018 and went live a few months later.

Thanks to a fast-track implementation by RamBase partner Aumento they managed to go live quickly. According to Lars Helge Sande, head of sales and production at WepCo, it did not take long before he and his co-workers experienced the value the new system will bring them.

“Everything is logged automatically in the system, so we are no longer depending on people to shuffle around paperwork. That took up too much of our time earlier, but with RamBase we can focus on more important things”, Sande says.

“We are also impressed by how available the implementation team has been. I remember I asked “Are you close to a device?” on a Saturday late in December. They answered and helped me out, so they’ve shown that they are there for you if you need it”, he adds.

“The user-friendliness for planning and operations is amazing. It’s very straight forward because you work on the same system all the time. Before we had to switch between different systems to get our work done. After I’ve used RamBase, I would never go back to the system we had before, to be honest.”

Jonas Karlsson, Production Planner in WepCo

Fewer clicks, faster production

The implementation of RamBase has quickly made an impact on the cornerstone of WepCo’s operations. They are now able to log and control everything on the same system, which has a big advantage for the efficiency of their work.

WepCo manager Jon Arne Ramsland adds that he sees a lot of future advantages with RamBase.

“When we chose RamBase, one of the most important factors was that it is cloud-based. In addition, they continuously develop and update the software, giving us a system that is never outdated. We are always on the latest version. That gives us a unique digital platform, and we’re looking forward to continuing to improve as a company, be more digital and meet the standards of both oil and service companies in a completely new way”, Ramsland says.