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RamBase May 19, 2020 3 min read

What the future looks like

“Both myself and most of the people here at Arribatec come from the ERP side of things, and we still believe that ERP is, and will continue to be the backbone for companies in the decades to come,” says CEO and founder of Arribatec Per Ronny Stav.


Nevertheless, he’s still a strong believer that nobody, no company nor system can be the best at everything alone; that you’ll never be able to deliver the best solution within all different areas of all different verticals.

“So, we believe that combining ERPs with best-of-breed vertical solutions, is the way to go; what the future looks like,” he adds.

In RamBase and their distinct focus and in-depth competence on logistics, Arribatec saw a solid and resilient player that they wanted to join forces with. Per Ronny explains that their complex and interesting logistics background also complimented other solutions Arribatec was working on, that had room for improvement in that area.

“So, we saw a lot of potential to open new verticals where we’re not quite fitting in today, by joining forces with RamBase,” says Per Ronny.


No clouds on the horizon

The key focus for Arribatec, Per Ronny emphasizes, has been on building a company based on competence from being a system provider and system integrator, but also a management consultant company:

“To drive processes and change, and then combine everything within our engagement mentality delivery model,” Per Ronny adds.

He further explains Arribatec’s goal is to pull together different systems and deliver what they believe is the best solution for their customers.

“And in order to do that, you need to understand your customer; their processes and their business, and not the least, the culture within their company,” says Per Ronny.


It is with a holistic approach that Arribatec brings all of these aspects together. They imbed solutions and systems to deliver integrated, total solutions that support all branches of the organization.

“I think that this approach is what gives us the fuel we need to grow, at least that’s what we’ve been seeing thus far, and I don’t see any clouds on the horizon yet,” says Per Ronny.


Looking to the future

Per Ronny looks to the new generation of people growing up today (the way they’re approaching and using technology) while planning and developing the future of Arribatec. 

“What has been best practice in the past, will almost definitely not be the right practice for tomorrow. I’m convinced that we need to look beyond the past and challenge the way we’ve been working and are working today,” says Per Ronny and adds:

 “I always say that we should challenge ourselves internally within the company, but I also want our customers to challenge us; to engage with and discuss our practices, and to look at other ways of doing things. This way we can establish what we consider to be next practice. In order to do this, to continuously challenge established thought patterns and work methods, you need the right people on your side.”

Per Ronny stresses that the competence of the people working in Arribatec, the experience they’ve gained over many years in the market, is vital to everything they’re delivering to their customers today.

“In this business, everything is about people, and I’ve been very lucky to have been able to recruit people whom I consider to be the very best consultants, both technically and functionally. They are no doubt the key reason why we’re having the success we’re having,” says Per Ronny. 

He concludes, “Combining great products with extremely competent consultants through our customer engagement mentality, has made us the winner we are so far.”