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Arribatec is a global provider of digital business solutions, together with RamBase, they support customers in gaining competitive advantage through innovative use of IT

To deliver business applications that creates competitive advantages, you need the combination of good solutions and competent implementation team to make it a success. At Arribatec, we serve you solutions that brings you up and forward by innovative use of technology.Integrated, process oriented and all delivered on a dynamic digital platform. Our strong system- and process competence, extensive experience from business software and development has equipped us with valuable tools to engage with our customers to drive innovation. It takes courage and willpower to break free from just recreating what already exists, and instead, create the solutions of the future.

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“Both myself and most of the people here at Arribatec come from the ERP side of things, and we still believe that ERP is, and will continue to be the backbone for companies in the decades to come” 

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