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Privacy Policy & Use of Cookies

This Privacy Policy and data processing agreement is valid for all websites belonging to the Hatteland Group. The Hatteland Group is responsible for the processing of all personal data received through our websites:, and For other services and products delivered by the Hatteland Group, please see separate data processing agreement. Please contact our service desk for further information on these.

Registration for seminars, courses, and other meetings

When applying for courses and seminars through our websites, we require your name, contact information and employer. In addition, we may ask you to provide us with information on dietary needs, allergies, or other needs. This information is used for registration purposes, and for sending you relevant information on the seminar/course. We will also use this information for lists of participants, and for invoicing purposes. If you have given consent, the information may also be used to inform you about courses and seminars. All information is stored and handled by trusted co-workers at the Hatteland Group, and by our approved partners.

Web analysis and cookies

To deliver a user-friendly website, we investigate the user behavior of visitors to our web sites by using Google Analytics, HubSpot and Hotjar.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics use cookies (small text-files that the web site saves on your PC), that register the user IP-address. The IP-address provides information on how the user navigates online. It will for example provide information on how many visitors one has on a single site, how much time the user spends on each site, where the user navigates from, and through which browser. None of these cookies may be used to acquire other personal information on our visitors. The information gathered by Google Analytics is stored on Google’s servers in the USA. Received information is subject to Google’s privacy policy:

An IP-address is classified as personal information because it may be traced back to a specific hardware and hence to an individual. Hatteland uses Google Analytic’s tracking code that anonymize the IP-address prior to the information being saved and processed by Google. The stored IP-address can therefore not be used to identify an individual.


Hotjar is used to analyse user trends via the analysis of the online behaviour and voice of website users. Our site has a tracking code which contacts Hotjar’s servers and provides a script to your computer or device. The script will capture specific data related to the interaction with our website. This information is then sent to Hotjar’s servers for processing. Hotjar collects information like your device’s IP-address, your screen resolution, what type of browser you use, your mouse movements, which site you visit, language, etc. Hotjar also uses cookies to store non-personal information. The information gathered by Hotjar is stored on Hotjar’s servers in Ireland (EU), and received information is subject to Hotjar’s privacy policy:


Hatteland’s employees use email in dialogue with internal and external contacts. The individual is responsible for deleting messages that are no longer relevant. Upon resignation, the e-mail account will be deleted, but some relevant emails will usually be transferred to colleagues.


A list of visitors is stored electronically for a maximum of 2 years after the visit.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is in use in dedicated areas. These areas are clearly marked.

Employee information

Hatteland processes personal information about employees to manage salaries and staff responsibilities. Legal basis follows from the Personal Data Act section 8, first paragraph, and section 8 a), b) or f) and section 9 a), b) and f). It is the general manager and Jakob Hatteland Group Management AS who has the daily responsibility for processing of employee information. The necessary information is processed for payment of salary, basic data, salary level, work hours registration, tax rate, tax authority and union membership. Other information about employees is related to his / her work instructions and the organization of his / her work. In addition, we also process information relating to access control entry/exit. Deletion routines for personal data follow the Accounting Act and the Archive Act. Information about the name, position and work area is considered public information and can be published on the companies’ websites.

Your Rights

As a user of our web sites, you are entitled to full insight on personal information stored by us, as well as how they are handled. You may also demand that we correct, delete or limit information and the handling of information, according to the GDPR. In instances where the handling of personal information are solely based on your approval, you may at all times withdraw the approval.

Data Protection Officer

The Hatteland Group has selected a data protection officer to take care of the personal interest to both customers and employees of the Hatteland Group. The data protection officer scheme is maintained and administered by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. The data protection officer can assist individuals who has been registered with personal information at the Hatteland Group in upholding their rights. You can get in touch with the data protection officer at