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“We are completely dependent on taking care of those who work here”

The production of Norsk Stein is characterized by large machines and many people working at the same time, which entails a certain risk. Systems to ensure that employees have the right training are essential for them to perform the job in the safest possible way. Safety is always the first priority. At the same time, they have many documents, procedures, and competence management to keep track of.

"RamBase QMS gives us a common understanding of what should be done regarding production and HSE", says HSE manager, Stian Johansen.


 "You get to know step by step what tasks you should do, and the risk they entail."

Continuous improvement



Norske Stein is Europe’s largest crushing plant and has 400 employees. The plant produces up to 12 million tons of stone a year. Large machines and heavy materials entail increased risk that must be handled in a good way. Production Director Tor Helge Hilmaren says that the employees use RamBase QMS to train on the tasks before they are performed, so that they are completely sure of what to do in different situations.

"This is essential to have a safe and secure workplace, he states."




Quality system manager Venke H. Dahlberg explains that employees can give feedback on their processes.

"This leads to the procedures being under continuous improvement."


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